Automatic vehicle restraint system

Automatic vehicle restraint for dock levellers

The K2-CALEMATIC automatic system represents a further step forward for the safety of vehicles and operators during the handling of goods on dock levellers.

Simple to use, K2-CALEMATIC guarantees safe, continuous and state-of-the-art operation, in total compliance with current regulations, preventing the sudden exit of the truck anchored to the dock leveller.

The operating logic of this automatic vehicle restraint for loading docks is as follows:

  • K2-CALEMATIC can only be operated (truck locking or unlocking) if the leveller is in the rest position and the sectional door is closed
  • The sectional door can only be opened if the K2-CALEMATIC system is in the locked position (truck blocked)
  • The dock leveller can only be operated if the K2-CALEMATIC system is in the locked position (truck blocked)

This operating logic makes it impossible to occur the sudden exit of the truck before the end of the loading or unloading operation.

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K2-CALEMATIC: an intuitive and reliable truck lock safety system

During the movement of goods on dock levellers, operators passing through the area must always be guaranteed the highest level of safety.

The K2-CALEMATIC automatic vehicle restraint system is an effective response to this need for industrial logistics thanks to the efficiency and simplicity of its operation.

  • The wedges are activated via a single control panel
  • No tools are needed to disassemble the wedges
  • The plant can operate in any climatic condition
  • Low maintenance costs (no engine or bearings to grease, or chains and sprockets)
  • A visual inspection is sufficient to ensure the correct functioning of the system

This system consists of a platform pit, which works on only one side of the truck, in which two staggered rows of wheel locking wedges are installed.

The truck is locked on the dock leveller thanks to the pneumatic lifting of the wedges near the wheels. This prevents any accidental movement of the vehicle.

The shape of the wedges has been studied so as not to have any roughness or dangerous edges that could cause cuts or holes in the tyres.

The K2-CALEMATIC system allows you to halve the costs related to civil works, maintaining all the safety and compatibility features of the K1-CALEMATIC single wedge model.

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