Logistics solutions for the airport sector

The aviation and airport sector needs products designed specifically to meet specific logistics needs. To create high-performance solutions, Kopron follows the entire design, construction, installation and service process with a complete range of products for the logistics needs of the sector: from hangars and movable industrial tents for the storage of aircraft and materials to the dock levellers, and finally to industrial and sectional doors and other locking systems.

Aircraft and helicopter storage hangars and warehouses


Aircraft and helicopter storage hangars and warehouses

The main feature of Kopron metal hangars for helicopters or aircraft is the assembly speed, combined with great resistance to wind and snow loads. Kopron helicopter hangars reach dimensions that guarantee the maximum convenience of aircraft storage and maintenance. They reach widths up to 40 meters and infinite lengths.

The components of the main structure are made of hot-dip galvanized steel and the cover can be covered in durable PVC sheet or sandwich cover panels. Several accessories can be easily integrated into Kopron movable hangars: electrical system, lighting, air conditioning, smoke detection, doors and doors, windows and flooring. The finished structure respects the structural statics of the specific installation site by obtaining the CE mark. This ensures maximum safety and durability over time.

Movable industrial tents
for storage

Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

The Kopron movable industrial tents in steel and PVC sheets become the ideal solution for the storage of goods in airport areas. Quick to install, easily repositionable with the possibility of making the structure fixed or retractable. Our high-quality tensile structures are a strategic asset for airport logistics that often need to increase the space available with flexible structures.


Dock levellers for
airport storage

The Kopron dock levellers, in the areas dedicated to airport storage, become essential customized logistics equipment. Our dock levellers are designed for frequent loading and unloading, equipped with all the necessary accessories to become a useful working tool for all operators.

Industrial doors and
large doors

Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

Kopron industrial doors for the airport sector are specially created with the specific characteristics necessary in the context of use. The common factors that the different closing systems are created with include: high wind seals, large dimensions, robustness, speed, sound insulation and safety.


Large high-speed doors

Loading and unloading ramps to optimise goods handling

Large high-speed doors are designed for hangars and airports and create a quick and easy passage by isolating the indoor environment from the outside. They are industrial doors designed for intensive and continuous use, able to guarantee the continuous service of the different operators.

  • Roller shutter doors are ideal for resisting large winds (fast-wall)

The Fast Wall roller shutter is suitable for large industrial rooms and designed for extraordinary wind resistance. Under the laws in force, it is particularly suitable in environments with strong winds.

  • Large high-speed packing doors 

Giantpack is designed and designed to close and open large compartments, affected by frequent logistical movements. Without dimensional limits, it is made to measure for the installation site concerned, to ensure the exact wind resistance. The Kopron Giantpack high-speed packing door is formed by an inner sheet, outer sheet and reinforcement pylons. The upper beam is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, suitable for containing the gear-motor unit, bearings, roller, lifting belts and the couplings of the mantle.

Folding doors for hangars

Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

The Kopron hangar folding doors are part of a family of bespoke doors for the specific dimensions needed. The parallel rails on the ground and the ceiling depending on the number of doors. The ground guides are taken care of and are rails. The standard doors are operated by a man present and each motorized door is moved independently with a special push-button panel. 

Kopron hangar doors maintain an appealing design and architecture. Many accessories to meet the needs of the sector: acoustic insulation, portholes, ventilation windows, pedestrian doors inserted in the door and reinforced insulated panels for greater thermal and structural seal. Real tailor-made production in dimensions and materials.


Parking canopies: with cover shades or solar panels

Loading and unloading ramps to optimise goods handling

The Kopron car shelters and parking canopies are designed to cover large areas in speed and modularity. The design and accessories are built to blend harmoniously into any location. Parking canopies are available with either shade netting, cover sheets or integrated solar panels.

Tailor-made logistics solutions for the airport sector

Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

Thanks to a department entirely dedicated to design and flexible internal production, you can create logistics solutions and ad hoc products for the airport sector. Intelligent technologies applied to the sector have been identified based on the specific needs of the customer over time.



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