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The competitiveness of the ports also passes through the adequacy of the logistic structures to support the activities.

The scarce availability of space within ports implies the need to create an efficient system that makes the best use of existing resources. It is therefore essential to take advantage of unused yards or extend the surfaces of existing warehouses with flexible structures.

Kopron movable industrial tents allow to optimize not always efficient logistics in the ports as well as in the freight terminals, that are grouped into a single entity the transports and the national distribution of the goods: environments articulated that they need the maximum logistic efficiency.

Even in these contexts, where it is common for activities to take place in the yards – without coverage and an adequate environment – due to the lack of space, Kopron offers timely responses thanks to tents and movable industrial tents of various types, even customizable to the customer’s needs.

Movable industrial tents for ports and freight terminals: the advantages

Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

There are many advantages of a Kopron industrial tent compared to a masonry product or an ordinary tent:

  • Fast installation: saves time and resources, because the customer’s productive activity in the workplace is never interrupted.
  • Economical, versatile, movable: great savings compared to traditional concrete warehouses; canvas warehouses can be mounted on wheels and packaged as needed.
  • No dimensional limit: large lights, depth and reduced dimensions, they can cover heights up to 15 meters and widths up to 40 meters single span.
  • Safe, earthquake-resistant, durable: the structure is guaranteed 10 years and each tent is built respecting the geographical characteristics of the installation location.
  • 100% relocatable: the warehouse can be easily moved to another location, thanks to the steel structure.
  • Modular: Dimensions can be revised at any time, adding or removing covered space as needed.

Kopron supports the logistics of ports and freight terminals with ad hoc solutions, divided into different product lines:

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