Spare parts and maintenance

Complete spare parts for our industrial tents, closures and canopies

Kopron is well aware of its customers’ needs, and for this reason, has designed a range of services aimed at ensuring maximum peace of mind and total protection.

When purchasing products such as industrial tents, dock levellers and industrial closures, it is of fundamental importance to preserve them over time with original spare parts and proper maintenance carried out by qualified personnel.

The original Kopron spare parts for all our Logistics solutions are the result of many years of know-how and fully meet the high standards of product testing.

To maintain the original characteristics of Kopron products – functionality, safety and aesthetics – here are some common interventions:

Check the condition of the industrial tent

and evaluation, repair the cover sheets, replacement of the sheet for the renovation of architecture or wear (color change, etc.), replacement of normal sheets with a thermal and insulating sheet, replacement of damaged metal parts, verification of tie rods for snow and wind sealing, insertion of new accessories (doors, curtains, etc.).

Diagnosis of industrial and residential doors and gates,

tests of manual and automatic opening/closing systems and accessories for operator safety, fabric replacement and electrical panel control. Repairs of structures and electrical parts; supply and replacement of original spare parts.

Check-up of large and small logistics with dock levellers

on and off the dock, complete with electro-hydraulic or manual ramps, isothermal sealants and sectional doors. Replacement and/or repair of any damaged component and insertion of new accessories to improve use or to adapt old structures to the new regulations for the safety of all operators.

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