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The aspect of sustainability in our production of industrial logistics solutions

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Renewable energies

For the production of our entire product range – from steel industrial tents to dock levellers, from canopies to industrial doors – we have invested in renewable energy and will continue to do so.

All the roofs of our production plants are powered exclusively by solar energy.

Thanks to solar panels with a total power of 4 MW, we cover 80% of our electricity needs. In this way, we avoid the emission of 3,400 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.

By choosing Kopron, you also support renewable energies.

Recycling of materials

All the materials we use to build our industrial logistics products are highly recyclable. The waste materials in the processing are skillfully reused in new processes.

Sustainable products

Product lines and Designs can support projects aimed at protecting the environment with strong energy savings able to increase the environmental and economic performance of each business.

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