Fabric structures for Exclusive Events

Advanced canopies for extraordinary events

Kopron fabric structures designed for exclusive events are designed to host weddings, ceremonies plus elite and television events giving greater emphasis to the aesthetic and scenic impact.

Each niche event finds the right location within these tents that combine functionality and aesthetics, also relying on the entire structure’s extremely graphic and scenographic customization.

To meet the numerous and challenging needs of this particular market niche, Kopron offers different types of coverage.

The types

K-Igloo Geodetic Tensioner

With a unique aesthetic impact, K-Igloo geodetic tents take the form of perfect half spheres. The K-Igloo cover is generally made of PVC fabric bands in silver (or other colors of your choice) and Krystal bands, a material that guarantees coverage and protection alongside the concept of transparency.

The geodetic event tent is perfectly suited to hosting stages and catwalks for television events and fashion shows.

Kopron production ranges from a radius of 12 meters to a radius of 30 meters, which houses up to 800 seats.

Pagoda Tensioner

Pagodas are modular tents with a central spire, designed to create small or medium-sized spaces for outdoor events (stands for fairs) or canopies for entry/exit passages to large exhibition or sports areas.

Entrance Gazebo

Entrance gazebos allow you to create covered areas similar to pagodas, adjacent to the access gates of the large stand-alone warehouses. Thanks to these autonomous but connected areas you can create registration areas, wardrobes or simple reception.

Rooftop cover

Rooftop covers are ideal for creating exclusive events on terraces and penthouses with panoramic views. With a structure closed laterally – or open – it is the right solution for private or otherwise exclusive parties.


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