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Kopron tunnel: more space in less time

Kopron movable tunnels are the fastest and most economical solution to create new usable covered space near the buildings you own.

The Kopron movable production tunnels have the classic structure of metallic carpentry in hot-dip galvanized steel and are covered with a resistant PVC sheet. Like tunnels on motorways, they are narrow and long, and their conformation reaches considerable lengths.

These structures, like the Kopron industrial tents, are also sized for the exact installation location with the maximum guarantee of durability over time.

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Extendable, retractable, fixed, spiral sliding tunnels

Kopron movable tunnels can be fixed, retractable, extendable and spiral sliding.

Fixed tunnels are anchored to the ground using anchor bolts or foundations, or by less invasive methods such as ballasts.

The structure of the movable tunnel can be retractable or extendable: forged steel wheels are added to the beams that rest on derailment rails. Kopron retractable covers are designed to wrap around themselves, making the underlying space completely open or closed, as needed. With simplicity, you can move the steel shed both manually and with the help of automatisms such as powerful motors. The entire retractable tunnel, once packed, occupies only 1/3 of the total length, optimizing the available space.

A movable tunnel can become sliding thanks to installed motorization. The entire structure can be operated and run horizontally on rails, without altering in any way the activities that take place underneath.

Movable spiral tunnels are characterized by a structure that opens and closes like normal retractable tunnels and a part that rotates like a spiral to follow irregular curves or trends. This particular type of steel shed is mainly used in logistics and freight loading areas to isolate and protect loading and unloading. The tunnel is covered by a PVC sheet and consists of a load-bearing structure made of hot-dip galvanized steel arches with wheels that rest on the ground. The arches are connected by scissor bars that allow rotation at 30/45/60/90 degrees to the right or left, to allow the loading/unloading of vehicles.

Movable tunnel applications

This type of tunnel is used in different sectors. In the food industry, it is usually used to cover queues at the entrance or delimit areas. In hospitals, it conveys the patients to the emergency entrances. In companies, it connects two areas or creates new storage areas adjacent to warehouses.

In the world of sports, movable tunnels are commonly used to access playing fields.

Movable tunnels: permits to be requested

For temporary movable tunnels, municipal authorization is generally not required.  In the case of fixed structures, a prior communication or a DIA (Business Start Report) is usually sufficient.  
However, it is advisable to consult the municipal planning regulations by going directly to the respective offices.

Available optional features

  • ANCHORAGE TO THE GROUND: Ballast, stakes or foundations
  • LOCKS AND DOORS: Quick doors to delimit access
  • MOTORIZATION: To retract or slide the structure through automatisms
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Screen printing or digital prints on the cover PVC canvas
  • SHEETS: It is possible to choose between different types of sheets: class 1, 2, fireproof, transparent
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I vantaggi dei tunnel Kopron

Carpenteria e telo pvc dei tunnel mobili Kopron vengono realizzati nel quartier generale Kopron alle porte di Milano con una forte attenzione alla qualità, sicurezza e design. I tecnici Kopron sono a disposizione per creare la configurazione ideale in base alle specifiche necessità.

Sono tanti i vantaggi di un tunnel mobile Kopron rispetto ad un manufatto in muratura o a una tendostruttura precaria:

  • Convenienza (approfondisci il tema)
  • Rapidità di montaggio: permessi più veloci
  • Bassa manutenzione
  • Minima burocrazia di installazione

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Kopron movable tunnels increase the logistical and production capacity of any company. Ideal for quickly creating both production and storage areas, while maintaining all the advantages of a fixed structure.
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The advantages of Kopron tunnels

Carpentry and PVC sheeting of the Kopron movable tunnels are made in the Kopron headquarters at the gates of Milan with a strong focus on quality, safety and design. Kopron technicians are available to create the ideal configuration according to your specific needs.

There are many advantages of a Kopron movable tunnel compared to a masonry product or a precarious tent structure:

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