Logistics solutions for the food sector and large-scale retailers

Kopron meets the needs of the agri-food sector through the design, construction, installation and assistance of fabric industial tents, industrial doors and dock levellers.

The agri-food sector is a sector subject to frequent inspections and compliance with regulations: for this reason, all Kopron logistics solutions have been specially designed to facilitate the work of operators in the sector in full compliance with the reference regulations.

Fabric structures, canopies, tunnels and shelters to expand production or storage spaces

The agri-food sector often requires solutions that favor the processing or storage of food products. Kopron movable industrial tents are specially designed to allow a place as cool as possible and dry in compliance with hygienic and health regulations. Thanks to the consolidated technology of the Kopron PVC tents, you can expand the business quickly.

Through the choice of ad hoc options and a targeted study, customization for individual needs becomes an opportunity to build an extremely functional fabric structure suitable for the sector. The use of the insulated sheet helps, for example, to maintain a temperature as stable as possible inside the industrial tent. Doors and ventilation portholes circulate the air resulting in a drier and healthier environment.

tensostrutture tettoie settore alimentare

Bespoke fast doors for large-scale retail and food industry

Kopron offers the food industry and large-scale distribution a wide range of high-speed doors tailored to meet every logistical need.

porte rapide su misura 1

Quick rolling doors in stainless steel

Quick rolling doors in stainless steel made especially for the food sector, with stainless steel structure and mantle without any rigid element. A clean and easily disinfectable facility, ideal for large-scale retailers and the agri-food industry. The resistive safety edge and side photocells are the ultimate guarantees for automated and secure access.

High-speed self-repairing stainless steel doors

High-speed self-repairing stainless steel doors are designed to ensure an extremely clean environment with ease. The mantle does not have any rigid elements and, through a mechanism that regulates the side guides, the sheet is autonomously retracted in the guides in the event of collisions.

Quick Fridge Doors - Fast Cold for Refrigerated Environments

Fast Cold self-repairing fast-winding doors enclose all the technology of fast doors with improvements suitable for the Refrigerator sector, reaching a temperature seal of up to -25°. The technical innovation of this type of industrial door for the food industry is the constant maintenance of temperature in freezing systems or cold stores.

Spiral Insulated Quick Doors

Spiral is a fast and highly insulated door that wraps in a roll. In this way, the sectors of the mantle are not touched. This fast insulated door is useful in the food industry because it speeds up access, thermally divides departments and makes cleaning and sanitizing environments easier.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors with a high thermal cut can close the rooms with practicality and safety.

porte rapide fast cold
baie di carico recesse settore alimentare kopron per sodebo

Recessed dock levellers for fresh and cold food products

The recessed dock levellers are a solution that allows for optimizing the processes of handling fresh and cold food and increasing the attention to the thermal and economic sustainability of the entire logistics warehouse.

The receding dock leveller is also ideal for real energy savings.

  • FRESH: the recessed dock levellers operate at a temperature between 0 and 5°C.
  • COLD: the recessed dock levellers operate at temperatures up to -45°C.

Thanks to the annual savings in electricity absorption, the Kopron recessed dock levellers ensure a significant recovery of expenditure compared to traditional cargo loading and unloading systems.

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