Customizable steel industrial tents per shape, size, volume and design

The Kopron steel industrial tents are structures that can best adapt to any application. In addition to being resistant and durable, they stand out for their design and refined aesthetics.
The construction method that leads to the construction of steel industrial tents allows reaching heights and significant dimensions to cover various production processes. Unlike traditional concrete warehouses, Kopron branded steel models also have a lighter structure and lend themselves to easy modifications or extensions.

All Kopron steel industrial tents are customizable in size, volume, shape and architectural aesthetics, to integrate perfectly into the context where they are installed.

The steel industrial tent’s structure is in galvanized steel, the side walls, fronts and canopies are made of galvanized or pre-painted corrugated sheet metal, to complete it there is also the perimeter tin-smithing. It is possible to add windows and skylights, built with translucent polycarbonate, the entrances and exits can have rigid or flexible closures.

The safety of these steel industrial tents is guaranteed by the fixing, which takes place on the ground using concrete cast anchors.

The multiple applications of Kopron steel industrial tents

Due to their versatility, Kopron steel industrial tents can be used in a wide variety of sectors.

  • Industrial sector: they can cover different types of production. They become functional areas if they are also used as storage areas for tools, vehicles and machinery.
  • Agriculture and agri-food sector: sheet metal canopies are the optimal solution for agriculture, sheltering crops or livestock.
  • Sports and commercial sector: an industrial canopy could be the ideal solution to cover recreational spaces both on the sports field and in exhibitions.

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