Euroarce expands its production with a Kopron fabric PVC warehouse

Published on 12 January 2022
Modified on 28 March 2023
nuovo capannone in pvc kopron per Euroarce

In Civita Castellana, Euroarce, a leading manufacturer of ceramic toilets, has expanded its production area using Kopron products.

Rapidity, safety and quality are the qualities that led to this choice. In just a short amount of time (five days) the empty courtyard was made operative by installing a fabric PVC warehouse. A new iron structure of 360 square metres, 12 metres x 30 metres and 4.5 metres high. The entrance was designed using a fast opening door to allow for access by all vehicles while one long side of the warehouse has an emergency door.

New indoor spaces for your company? Choose the Kopron warehouses

Kopron technicians can identify the most economic technical solution together with the true requirements of the Customer. Following a preliminary analysis, they start with the construction of a made-to-measure fabric PVC warehouse for the Customer.

Together with Kopron technicians, all internal warehouse or production areas can be expanded. More than forty years of experience in this field and the professionalism in customer relations are the guarantee for a long lasting and high quality product.

Quality features

With Kopron warehouses new indoor spaces can be created for logistic solutions such as permanent or temporary storage areas for goods, new production areas, vehicle or machinery storage space and other company requirements.

The hot galvanised steel structure is the best guarantee for long lasting warehouses. The PVC panels used to cover the mobile warehouse are all made in Italy. The entire warehouse is covered by a 10 year warranty.

An important point to be taken into consideration is the quality of the professionals that work in the company and their ability in identifying the right technical solution. With forty years of history, Kopron is the oldest company on the market, a real guarantee of reliability.

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