Logistics solutions for the chemical industry

The chemical industry is the industrial sector that relies on the transformation of raw materials (including oil, natural gas, air, water, metals and minerals) to obtain products with different physical-chemical properties compared to the starting raw materials (including: cosmetics, medicines, paints, synthetic materials, fuels, additives, food dyes, etc.).

In this sector, Kopron products and logistics solutions often become functional and one with the underlying work activities.

Retractable canopies

Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

Kopron retractable canopies usually cover the underlying processing processes and are ideal for logistics in the Chemical industry.

Their retractable system allows you to cover and uncover the work area. The cover is usually motorized and it is easy to move the structure. Kopron retractable canopies run on rails through the use of wheels equipped with anti-leakage systems and accident protection.


Retractable warehouses

The Kopron fixed and retractable industrial tents allow the areas covered in the building to be expanded and therefore meet the logistical needs of the chemical industry.

Thanks to the retractable system it is possible to package the structure and discover the normally covered surface with extreme ease. They are made with a resistant hot-dip galvanized steel structure or, in the case of special chemical processes, with intumescent covering paint.

The cover of the Kopron retractable industrial tents is made of PVC fabric, available in the following models:

  • Insulated
  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Transparent
  • Panama fabric.

A wide range of finishes and accessories of your choice impacts the functionality and aesthetics of the movable industrial tents.

Kopron retractable tunnels or industrial tents can also be made in telescopic mode. The design always takes place according to the client’s specific needs and requirements.


Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

For the Chemical sector, Kopron also provides robust canopies that facilitate logistics activities.

The canopies and shelters adjacent to the building protect the logistics processes without clutter and in total safety. Modular and with a metal structure, they become useful and functional for all those involved in the work. Their main advantage is the creation of additional space adjacent to the production areas.

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Industrial Doors and Dock Levellers

Industrial doors and dock levellers complete the Kopron range of logistics solutions for the Chemical sector.

Quick doors, hard-reinforced doors, sectional doors and folding doors are carefully designed to improve the operation and safety of many daily activities. The loading and unloading equipment also facilitates logistical operations on the dock leveller.

Sirius Project: the largest research laboratory in Brazil

Inaugurated at the end of 2018, the Sirius Project is the largest and most complex scientific infrastructure ever built in Brazil, with an area of about 68,000 square meters.

Within this context, Kopron has installed 10 Fast Wall gates with a wind resistance of over 100 km/h, with thermal insulation and acoustic and sound insulation.

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Temprasud is a dynamic company in strong expansion, the sudden growth has led the owners to choose the Kopron warehouses to expand the workspaces.

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