Temprasud expands its activities with the Kopron metal buildings

Published on 18 April 2019
Modified on 28 March 2023
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Temprasud is an Italian company undergoing huge expansion, its sudden growth has forced its owners to choose to expand company spaces with industrial steel warehouses.

Through specific consultancy, Kopron has identified all of the technical solutions possible to exploit the spaces available to the company.  The internal team of technicians dealt with the layout of all architectural elements close to the Temprasud masonry headquarters.  The Kopron project involved all of the owners who, in the last few years had already acquired different products.  The result was truly excellent and in just a few weeks the company expanded the production and storage area with metal buildings with PVC closing systems.

Expansion of the production areas has resulted in more than 1,000 sq. M. of internal space in just 6 weeks.  Every warehouse model chosen has been perfectly integrated with the adjacent masonry headquarters.

Details of the metal buildings installed

In detail, the following have been installed:

  •        n° 3 retractable warehouses installed to the side of the building, dimensions: length 10 x depth 12, length 10 x depth 31, length 12 x depth 14
  •        n° 2 retractable warehouses of length 12 x depth 20 and length  10 x depth 27

Not only, the visual aspect was very important for full enhancement of the Temprasud logo silk-screened directly on the PVC structure of the building.

The owner, Engineer Michelangelo Del Vecchio, states:

“Temprasud is a company that has been working since 1975 in the field of thermal metal treatment. Just like every dynamic company that has been moving in the last few years, we felt the need to expand production with warehouses that were quick to install and safe. For this reason several areas of our company have been covered with Kopron steel warehouses and pvc doors.”

The supporting structures in steel are perfect for their flexibility and rapid installation as well as the steel providing a generally elegant appearance.  Production of the steelwork is carried out internally and mainly in the production plant of Gorgonzola.  The production plants and personnel are qualified and produce approximately 50,000 tons of steel per year.

Customer satisfaction in 1st position

As a standard all of the buildings are supplied in hot galvanised steel for maximum guarantee against corrosion over the years.  Every Kopron construction is calculated and designed for the specific area of destination.  During the completion phase of the project, the Customer is provided with structural calculations with a 10-year warranty.  Quality and constant technological innovation are the strong points of Kopron.  The quality policy is to provide Customers with services and products that are highly suitable and provide full satisfaction throughout their lifecycle.

Angelo Giuliese, the local Sales Technician, states:

“The Customer Temprasud has been buying from us for 5 years, in order to identify solutions and products that are suitable to implement their working areas. I am personally satisfied when I succeed in creating a professional relationship based on trust and quality.”

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