Automatic vehicle restraints for dock levellers

Vehicle restraints in dock levellers

Automatic vehicle restraints for dock levellers allow vehicles to be blocked when loading and unloading goods.

Kopron vehicle restraints become an essential component to ensure and strengthen the safety of the dock leveller system and operators, limiting the risks of accidents that generally occur during transhipment operations on dock levellers.

Kopron automatic vehicle restraints are certified and comply with current regulations and avoid risks during operations:

  • Unexpected truck departure
  • Progressive removal of trailers
  • Unexpected movement of the vehicle and fall of the driver from the forklift due to incorrect communication between operator and driver of the truck
  • The progressive movement of the vehicle and the fall of the forklift driver

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The advantages of Kopron Automatic Vehicle Restraints for Dock Levellers

Kopron automatic vehicle restraints for dock levellers provide several advantages

Kopron offers three models of loading platform restraints with an automatic vehicle restraint system, K-AUTOBLOCK, K1-CALEMATIC and K2-CALEMATIC, and one model with a manual blocking system, K-EASYBLOCK.

Risks during loading/unloading operations

Kopron sistemi bloccaggio camion rischi 1
Kopron sistemi bloccaggio camion rischi 2

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