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Complete product range, worldwide presence

Kopron has the best logistics solutions to meet the needs of every type of company. Our complete and high-quality product range is available worldwide thanks to a widespread presence: steel industrial tents, dock levellers, plus industrial and security doors.

We offer total, timely and efficient responses to the needs of organizations that choose the reliability and expertise of a historic brand, quality assurance and peace of mind. For us, this is the true meaning of “turnkey“.

Our unique offer for completeness and quality is the result of competence, absolute control of every production phase, Italian creativity and international experience. We design, build and install in compliance with the highest standards and provide timely assistance. Together with the seriousness of our trade relations and constant development, these factors have made Kopron the international leader in industrial logistics.

Those who choose Kopron obtain the perfect synergy between product and service excellence.

About Us

European leaders in industrial logistics thanks to the wide range of canopy and movable steel warehouses, sectional doors and gates, dock levellers and sports plus event canopies.

Production and quality certificates

The quality of Kopron's industrial logistics solutions is the result of more than 100,000 square metres of production, relocated to each country to better oversee the individual markets.

Turnkey Designs

A single interlocutor able to coordinate all phases of the implementation of "turnkey" logistics solutions: consulting, design, construction, installation and after-sales assistance.


Choosing Kopron means benefiting from efficient, safe, customized and endlessly guaranteed industrial logistics solutions, the result of accurate integrated planning.


Discover the opinions of companies around the world that have chosen steel industrial tents, dock levellers, sectional doors, plus sports and event canopies manufactured by Kopron.

Kopron GREEN

Kopron industrial logistics think green: discover the importance of sustainability in our production and the attention paid to renewable energies and the recycling of materials.


Kopron Service, After-sales assistance

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