Dock levellers

Loading points for goods handling operations

Kopron dock levellers, designed to compensate for the differences in height between the warehouse’s loading platform and the different heights of the vehicle platforms, are designed and manufactured in compliance with European regulations and therefore EC marked.

Kopron guarantees a scrupulous calculation of the declared flow rates and a strict qualitative choice of accessories and electrical and hydraulic components, such as to allow the load points to withstand the worst mistreatment, shocks and overloads.

Kopron dock levellers meet the most varied use needs, and tolerate even heavy stresses during loading and unloading operations, always guaranteeing maximum operator safety.

For these reasons, the design has taken into account the international regulations that govern all phases of this logistics process. The careful choice of materials and their structural dimensioning allow Kopron to provide dock levellers with performance much higher than their actual required use.

Thanks to these high-level technical characteristics, maintenance has been reduced to a minimum, and any interventions take place safely, thanks to the mechanical accident prevention system.

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The advantages of Kopron dock levellers

Kopron dock levellers are designed with a precise purpose: to be solid, robust and reliable. Our technicians study critical points and design optimal solutions to achieve maximum reliability.

Kopron dock levellers are available in standard sizes but can have customized sizes to better fit the customer’s needs.

For situations where the dock leveller effort is high, Kopron designs and manufactures special ramps with increased capacity that can easily support even the most extreme situations.

All Kopron products, in addition to being structurally solid and reliable, follow unique and recognizable lines of style and design.

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