Italian quality and design in sectional garage doors

Kopron, the European leader in the industrial logistics sector, enters the residential market with a new and exclusive range of sectional garage doors.

A line of modern garage doors, carefully designed to adapt to the residential context embellishing any architectural context.

The Kopron Living range does not offer a simple garage door, but rather an element of pure design, created with solid materials, clean lines and fine finishes. The patented door design allows the buyer to have a unique and exclusive garage door.

Personalization is the fundamental characteristic of these products, which can be completely adapted to your tastes and needs, for an elegance that lasts over time.

Like a classy outfit, Kopron residential sectional doors are custom-made for the home, designed to combine the functionality of technological elements with the style of aesthetic ones, offering the possibility of choosing from a wide range of accessories and finishes, which can be combined.

The technical characteristics of Kopron sectional garage doors

The sectional garage doors designed by Kopron embody the experience and expertise of a brand that makes performance and style its identifying traits. A complete range of garage locking systems dedicated to classic, contemporary and traditional residential architecture that meets the highest requirements for functionality, reliability and safety.

  • Vertical opening through sliding alongside guides for perfect adhesion to the ceiling
  • Adaptable to any form of opening
  • Compact, to ensure a minimum footprint: greater internal space
  • Torsion spring with a safety system parachute with springs, to prevent the fall of the door in case of sudden breakage
  • Tandem-type trolleys to ensure correct sliding



*For motorized versions

H < 260 cm: L ≥ 260 cm

caratteristiche tecniche living

The Kopron range of residential sectional doors

Kopron offers a wide range of garage doors that, due to their quality and aesthetics, can be integrated synergistically with the different architectural styles. From classic sectional doors to modern ones, from traditional models to side sliding versions, every type of residential need is met.



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