Movable industrial tents, dock levellers and industrial doors
for industrial logistics

Industrial logistics is one of the key components of the production cycle. Logistics deals both with the supply of goods and raw materials and their storage and supply within the departments. The phase of storage of the ready goods and their shipment is part of the study.

The success of a business can depend on careful logistical planning: all Kopron products are proposed as useful logistical equipment to perform better in everyday life.


Movable industrial tents for storing goods: ideal for rapidly expanding the covered surface

The Kopron movable industrial tents, made of steel and PVC sheet, are the ideal structures for industrial logistics thanks to their ability to quickly expand the space available for the storage of goods. In owned company yards, close to work areas, it is possible to cover unused or uncovered areas with intelligent tent systems.

The success of Kopron fabric industrial tents has been consolidated over the years for the following advantages:

  • The simplicity of assembly and installation
  • Fast-track bureaucratic procedures
  • Safety and resistance over the years, thanks to the static suitability calculated for the exact location
  • Fixed or retractable steel warehouses available: by installing wheels it is possible to slide the structure making it open or closed
  • Lower costs than traditional masonry warehouses
  • Replaceability of the structure in other contexts

Industrial locks
for automated access

Industrial locks for automated access: ideal for quick and frequent switching between different environments

Kopron offers a wide range of industrial locks for quick and automated access and the delimitation of internal and external compartments.

Kopron high-speed doors are the ideal solution to close departments internally by dividing zones/areas. The main models include roll-up high-speed doors, packaged high-speed doors (ideal for reaching large dimensions) and self-repairing high-speed doors (in case of collisions the auto cover is part of the guides).

The outdoor doors securely and conveniently close the different areas, delimiting the accesses. Among the Kopron models available are sectional doors, roller shutters and folding/sliding doors. Some numerous accessories and automatisms can be integrated.


Dock levellers:
for fast and safe logistics flows

Loading and unloading ramps to optimise goods handling

The Kopron dock levellers are key components to ensure speed and safety in industrial logistics flows. The dock levellers are logistical equipment designed to optimize and improve the handling of goods.

Kopron offers tailor-made equipment composed of four fundamental elements:

  1. Dock levellers, ideal for moving large loads of goods every day
  2. Sectional doors, to isolate the external environment from the inside
  3. Sealants, to protect loads and help prevent the spread of heat loss
  4. Automatic vehicle restraint safety systems to handle loads and unload

Different models are available for each type of product, which vary according to the specific use and context of insertion. Kopron has an internal division completely dedicated to the consultancy and installation of dock levellers.

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