Steel industrial tents and coating in special heat-insulating sandwich panels

The sandwich panels or thermal insulation tents are made of steel and have been an integral part of the Kopron offer for years, very appreciated because they allow for extending the possibilities of application of the range of structures by Kopron. The canopies with sandwich panels allow you to create real warehouses in all respects equivalent to traditional concrete structures, but with much faster construction times.

The coating in sandwich panels guarantees in particular the maximum thermo-acoustic insulation from the outside, making the structure not only an ideal place for storing goods but also a useful work area.

The advantages of steel industrial tents with sandwich panels

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Kopron sandwich panel tents: thermal and acoustic insulation

Available in different colors, finishes and thicknesses, they contribute to a new architecture: clear, simple, regular and modern. The sandwich coating panels for the Kopron steel industrial tents are made of double sheet steel 5/10 thickness, galvanized pre-painted with polyurethane resins. The thickness of the sandwich panel is generally 40 mm with an interposed filling of expanded polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg/m3 self-extinguishing in class B2. The sandwich panel coating ensures maximum thermal and acoustic insulation from the outside. The gaskets and joints, positioned on the sides of the panel, allow the elements’ interlocking modularity.

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The structure in metallic carpentry

The entire Kopron production cycle takes place internally and the raw materials come from a production chain made in Italy or Europe with guaranteed quality and traceability. The metal structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel tubular rods. The finished structure has the CE mark and the issue of the DOP (Declaration of Performance) according to the UNI EN ISO 1090-1 standard.

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