Turnkey designs

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Integrated designs

More than forty years of experience in the field have established a team of engineers and architects dedicated to integrated design and the study of the best design solution in compliance with regulations. Technology, performance and savings are the three items that professional customers ask for in a Kopron product. The R&D department meets the demands for a unique and cutting-edge product.

Internal engineers ensure the maximum safety of the installed product while calculating and certifying the intended static and dynamic performance. The installed structure is accompanied by warranty certificates, quality and instructions for the product’s correct use to safely withstand over the years.

Over 100,000 square meters dedicated to the production, relocated to each country to better oversee individual markets and respond to competitiveness with greater efficiency.

The entire production cycle takes place internally, technologically advanced machinery and highly qualified personnel guarantee the output’s quality and punctuality. The history and use of high-tech machinery allow you to work in the best light and medium-heavy carpentry.

The entire Kopron production cycle is covered by quality certifications. The company operates in full compliance with European regulations and makes use of international certification bodies such as the RINA Service. The company uses only EC-marked steel from the beginning, coming from an entirely Italian production chain with guaranteed quality, giving complete traceability. The finished structure obtains the EC mark and the issue of the PDO (Declaration of Performance) according to the provisions of UNI EN 1090-1, a mandatory requirement for the manufacturers of metal structures. The hot-dip galvanizing process, strictly chosen for the structures, guarantees the best protection of the steel against atmospheric agents.

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progettazione integrata dalla soluzione logistica

From logistics solutions to after-sales support

Kopron is proposed as the only interlocutor able to coordinate all the phases necessary for the realization of each product proposed in “turnkey” mode, managing from the consulting, design, construction and installation phase to the after-sales assistance. Commercial technicians, engineers, architects and surveyors who have worked for years in the product development departments; certified assemblers and workers; all this to guarantee very high reliability for quality output in compliance with the times and costs budgeted.

It is this approach that allows Kopron to offer steel industrial tents, dock levellers and loading bays, sectional doors, industrial doors and sports and event canopies of excellent quality.


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After-sales assistance with maintenance services


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