Shelters and canopies for vehicle protection

Kopron car shelters are designed to meet the functional and aesthetic demands of both companies and private users. Our car canopies are ideal solutions for covering parking lots or parking areas: they guarantee excellent waterproofing and protection, repairing vehicles and company vehicles from bad weather such as wind, snow, hail, rain and sunlight.

Thanks to their refined design, Kopron car shelters and canopies adapt to any context: residential, large public or private car parks, service areas, supermarkets, car washes, car dealerships and residences.

Among the advantages of Kopron branded car shelters and canopies:

  • Full protection from snow, hail, sun and wind
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • The modularity of use and convenience
  • Optimization of the structure for cost-effectiveness in transportability
  • Linear and sophisticated design
  • Flexibility to adapt to various surfaces
  • Easy integration with car columns or solar panels

Not only functionality: installing canopies for outdoor parking Kopron increases the overall value of the environment and property because it guarantees a renewed aesthetic. The materials chosen are of quality and tailored to the target context.

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Kopron modular car shelters: easy and quick to install

Thanks to their characteristic modularity, the Kopron car shelters take advantage of the space available to cover small or large surfaces, allowing the flanking of several modules. Each Kopron cover module is designed to accommodate two parking spaces.

The structures of these car canopies are made of fully hot-dip galvanized steel or, on request, powder-coated steel, depending on the different types. The car canopies rest on any floor through the use of special fasteners, evaluated on every previously sized single floor. The structure’s elements are welded in the workshop and assembled on-site utilizing bolted joints.

Exclusive options that can be requested for Kopron car shelters and canopies include LED light strips, specially created bumpers, customizable load-bearing barriers and the insertion of company logos or advertisements.

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