FAST ROLL – Vertical spiral high-speed door

The compact industrial door, without tubes or belts

Fast Roll is the innovative Kopron high-speed winding door with no tube inserted in the cover, no strap, compact uprights and very small dimensions. Thanks to the study and choice of materials used, this advanced industrial door guarantees maximum speed and silence in the opening and closing movements.

Made with an aluminum structure painted with epoxy powders in RAL 7016 color, the FAST ROLL high-speed door is suitably shaped to accommodate suitable windproof and wear-resistant side guides. The cloth is made of double-sided PVC ripstop fabric, self-extinguishing in Class 2, built according to the customer’s needs with a single cloth or interchangeable sectors with the possibility of inserting a porthole. The motorization of the fast-winding door is designed to withstand intensive use and is complete with an electrical panel and safety devices compliant with regulations.

The customer can also request motors with a built-in Inverter, for the control of the ascent and descent speed with the possibility of soft starts and arrivals, which favor a mechanical operation over time.

Possibility of choice for the covering of the winding roller-cover: from completely uncovered to covered. The main fastening kit is entirely made of stainless steel and allows the door to be assembled.

Technical Details

  • Opening/closing speed: up to 2 m/sec – 0.8 m/sec.
  • Panel: inverter digital technology
  • Limit switch: encoder
  • Power supply: 220 volts
  • Safety coast in accordance with EN 12978
  • Opening and closing cycles in 12604: tested up to 1,000,000 cycles
  • Tear-resistant PVC sheet bispalmate class 2, minimum temperature – 30° and max. + 70°
Fast Roll porte rapide avvolgimento verticale


System of special side guides in EPDM (Fast Roll), and in self-lubricating Polizene (Replay), mounted on special oscillating supports that follow the course of the sheet.

Self-supporting, powder-coated aluminum frame in any color that frames and guides the sturdy PVC sheet.

Closing cloth in double-sided PVC anti-tear fabric, class 2 self-extinguishing, any portholes or transparent sectors.

The mantle wraps compactly behind the lintel, not occupying any useful surface of the warehouse.

And possibility of motors with a built-in inverter to control and prepare the speed trend.

Pair of photocells and crush-proof insulation rib.

Possibility to choose the cover of the winding roller cover from completely uncovered to covered.

Accessories and finishes


Kopron Porte rapide accessori e finiture


Motors from leading companies in the sector are chosen to withstand intensive use, complete with an inverter control panel with programmable electronic technology for soft departures and arrivals and status display via a multilingual display. Integrated safety devices: pair of photocells and anti-crushing safety rib.


All high-speed doors can be controlled by automatic devices: magnetic sprint, photocell, radar, remote control, GSM open door and H-Hands-free.

Door openable and complete with up – stop – down button and the possibility to connect all types of controls:

  • Safety devices
  •     Traffic lights and interlocks
  •     Automatic closing management, partial opening, soft openings or doors
  •   To report a failure
  •     Cycle counter with block for service and maintenance

Advanced automatisms also include:

Open door GSM

1 5

With a simple call from a smartphone, the high-tech door will open at the first ring.

Next-generation transmitters

2 6

Impossible cloning, maximum security.

K-Hands Free “Hands Free”

3 6

The innovative opening system reminiscent of a Telepass.

Electrical control panel


For the management of all control accessories.



Pair of adjustable infrared photocells.

Flashing light


500mm LED flashing light with special Kopron design.

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