FAST PACK – High-speed vertical fold-up packing door

The innovative vertical retractable door

Fast-Pack represents a new concept of a vertical retractable door (packing door) with innovative features: speed of transit, minimum dimensions, wind resistance, dust protection and absence of maintenance.

On a pre-painted galvanized steel structure, the Fast-Pack high-speed door mounts a closing cloth in PVC bi-palmate anti-tear fabric, self-extinguishing class 2, with any transparent portholes that allow personnel in transit to see beyond the door.

The refined design and range of customizations available make this industrial door easily adaptable to any context and need.

Technical Details

  • Opening / closing speed: up to 0.8 m/sec.
  • Framework: digital technology
  • Power supply: 380 volts
  • Safety coast in accordance with EN 12978
  • Opening and closing cycles in 12604: tested up to 1,000,000 cycles
  • Tear-resistant PVC sheet bispalmate class 2, minimum temperature – 30° and max. + 70°
  • Dimensions adaptable to specific needs without limits
Fast Pack porte rapide impacchettamento verticale


The canvas is equipped with special reinforcements to counteract the thrust of the wind and protect workers and goods in the event of an accidental breakthrough.

The speed of opening and closing allows you to minimize the heat exchange between inside and outside.

The special construction ensures excellent grip even in strong winds.

Patented industrial design in colors, material choices and finishes to guarantee maximum exclusivity for the customer.

The robust construction, the ease of operation and the use of high-quality materials guarantee prolonged use over time without maintenance.

Possibility to configure the port in any size.

 Self-supporting galvanized steel metal frame that frames and guides the sturdy PVC sheet.

Closing cloth in double-sided PVC anti-tear fabric, class 2 self-extinguishing, any portholes or transparent sectors.

Accessories and finishes


Kopron Porte rapide accessori e finiture


Motors from leading companies in the sector are chosen to withstand intensive use, complete with an inverter control panel with programmable electronic technology for soft departures and arrivals and status display via a multilingual display. Integrated safety devices: pair of photocells and anti-crushing safety rib.


All high-speed doors can be controlled by automatic devices: magnetic sprint, photocell, radar, remote control, GSM open door and H-Hands-free.

Door openable and complete with up – stop – down button and the possibility to connect all types of controls:

  • Safety
  • Traffic lights and interlocks
  • Automatic closing management, partial opening, soft openings or doors
  • To report a failure
  • Cycle counter with block for service and maintenance

Advanced automatisms also include:

Open door GSM

1 5

With a simple call from a smartphone, the high-tech door will open at the first ring.

Next-generation transmitters

2 6

Impossible cloning, maximum security.

K-Hands Free “Hands Free”

3 6

The innovative opening system reminiscent of a Telepass.

Electrical control panel


For the management of all control accessories.



Pair of adjustable infrared photocells.

Flashing light


500mm LED flashing light with special Kopron design.

After-sales assistance

Kopron Service, After-sales assistance.



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