Canopies and movable or fixed industrial tents for efficient logistics management

Kopron specializes in the design, production and installation of steel industrial tents that meet the most diverse needs of industrial logistics.

All our steel industrial tents are the result of a carefully integrated design: highly efficient and safe solutions, which meet the highest quality standards both in terms of construction and after-sales service. Very fast to install and disassemble, convenient and subject to few bureaucratic formalities, they are designed and calculated by certifying the specific static and dynamic performance of the installation site. In this way, Kopron industrial tents increase the logistical and production capacity of any company: they are ideal for quickly creating both production and storage areas or for covering any activity while maintaining all the advantages of a fixed structure.

Across Europe, Kopron is a leader in the proposal of different types of industrial tents with a metal structure in hot-dip galvanized steelmovable, with PVC, special steel, iron or sandwich panel cover – but also retractable canopies, cantilevered industrial tents and large movable or fixed warehouses.

Discover the Kopron range

Custom-made Kopron industrial tents

Kopron industrial tents are custom-made and are characterized by being fixed, retractable or sliding. Their metallic structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, while the covering mantle is generally made of durable PVC sheet, sandwich panels or sheet metal.

The bespoke industrial tents are available in different models: stand-alone, front, side single-double slope, connecting, cantilevered, arched, canopies, special, large and for particular uses.

Their high performance makes them completely equal, if not superior, solutions to traditional warehouses.

More flexible space in less time

Kopron fabric industrial tents are produced in compliance with the customer’s needs in any configuration and location. The winning features of these movable industrial tents are the speed of installation and assembly, economic convenience and limited bureaucratic formalities.

Each movable industrial tent is designed and calculated for the exact place of installation by certifying static and dynamic performance: in this way, Kopron always guarantees the absolute safety of the structure and its resistance over time.

Fields of application

Kopron industrial tents are ideal for creating new covered spaces for logistics solutions such as permanent or temporary storage of goods, construction of new production or service areas, covering loading/unloading areas and storage of vehicles and machinery, in every area of business application.

Kopron industrial tents are ideal for any company that wants to increase its available space with speed, economy and flexibility. One of the most appreciated advantages is the possibility of being able to reuse the warehouse installed in another context, thus becoming a valuable asset for each company. The simplicity of assembly and disassembly allows you to make these structures usable, in a short time, in any location.

Steel industrial tents ideal for every sector

The advantages of Kopron steel industrial tents

Each structure is designed to meet the client’s needs, respecting the characteristics of the geographical area where the structure will be installed, calculating and certifying static and dynamic performance.

Construction works are reduced to a minimum, structural flexibility, the possibility of moving, expanding or splitting in a short time, savings, ease of assembly and disassembly making both movable and fixed structures.


Customization in design and manufacturing, the customer is not tied to standard models, any shape and size.

Possibility of making the covers fixed or retractable thanks to the fact of being able to mount forged steel wheels on all the tents, with double watertight ball bearings, thus exploiting the areas for different uses.

Structure entirely in hot-dip galvanized steel guaranteed for over 10 years and therefore free from maintenance, profiles with a closed rectangular section that allow you to obtain greater resistance to loads and safety for the end customer.

Possibility of covering the structure in PVC fabric with special guarantee branded Kopron, sandwich panel or sheet metal.

Compliance with seismic standards, acoustic and thermal insulation, fire resistance and structural stability. Characteristics that define Kopron structures as permanent and not precarious, such as the aluminum and fabric structures generally used in events.

Finishes and complementary accessories

PVC sheet colors

render di un capannone mobile in acciaio

Fabrics for steel industrial tents

telo energy saving

Exclusive, transparent product for the passage of natural light


Self-extinguishing Class 2


Self-extinguishing Class 1


Insulated for temperature maintenance needs

Table of certifications for steel industrial tents

ISO 9001 2008:
EA; 18 - EA; 29A - EA; 17 - EA; 28A
Production plant Product characteristics are transparent and complete Always at the customer's disposal Increase customer satisfaction.
UNI EN: 1090-2 / 3834-3 Routing of production and welding processes Manufacturer liability are clear and definite. Improvements in Effectiveness and effectiveness through optimisation of the business process.
CE Products: Warehouses, Closures and Ramps Reliability of the product as the test requirements for all the certifications raise the level of quality standards. Increased competitiveness in the market through the certifications that distinguish a valued reality by an unqualified company.
Steel Processing center
D.M. 14-01-2008
Production - processing cycle of steel It is easier for the customer to compare the performance of the products point by point. Improvement, by personnel, in the interventions of prevention and effective management of emergencies.
Applicable Standard
UNI EN 13241-1
Doors and closing devices

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