After-sales assistance

With Kopron Service you get the best
technical-commercial support

Only one interlocutor to guarantee quality over time: Kopron Service.

Kopron Service is the customer care service for Kopron customers that employs experienced and qualified personnel, has vehicles for transport and lifting, workshop vans and large industrial tents for spare parts.

Modernizing and updating the Kopron branded logistics solutions installed over time means implementing the productivity of your business and at the same time maintaining the product certifications appropriate to the regulations and ensuring maximum safety for employees.

For this reason, ordinary or customized maintenance programs have been created:

"Scheduled routine maintenance" contracts

with a constant and accurate verification of the structures, to minimize the risk of downtime and ensure compliance with European safety standards.

"Customized maintenance" contracts

with the advantage of identifying the correct balance between the service and its price, based on the needs of each specific Customer / Installation.


Case history

Here you can find the latest installations, tips and testimonials of your product of interest.

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