The largest prefabricated warehouse with pvc covering in South America has been made by Kopron

Published on 10 December 2020
Modified on 28 March 2023
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Vale SA, previously called Companhia Vale do Rio Docè, is the largest manufacturer of iron and nickel mineral in the world. The large Brazilian multinational company not only operates in the field of metals and mines but is also one of the largest logistic operators throughout Brazil.

In the port of Itaqui, in Sao Luis, Manaus, Kopron has installed the largest prefabricated warehouse with pvc covering in the whole of South America. With a team of highly qualified engineers and the use of advanced technologies from the start to the end of the project. More than 15 employees were involved, representing more than 20,000 hours of work in the development, production, logistic and installations phases, with a delivery time of just 6 months.

The figures are unique with the record achieved by Kopron for the creation of a steel structure made with PVC curtains:

  • 11,500 m² of covered space
  • + than 400 tons of galvanised steel
  • 200,000M³ of internal volume
  • 27 metres of central height and 18 metres on the sides
  • 53 metres of central opening
  • 6 months for development and installation

The structure made from a galvanised steel structure has been dimensioned for the area of installation, certifying the structural calculations and development in observance of regulations.  It has been designed to resist against winds of 120 kms/hour. Highly resistant PVC panels have been chosen with a long lasting grammage.

A unique prefabricated warehouse with pvc covering, all thanks to team work

Enzo Ferrari, the Technical Manager of Kopron in Brazil, captained the entire engineering project and confirms with satisfaction:

“We were faced with numerous challenges, all of which we overcame thanks to teamwork. Starting with the installation deadline through to assembly, using an existing carbon conveyor belt. The height to be respected was more than 30 meters and this required huge efforts in terms of development. All of this was carried out 3,000 kilometers away from the Kopron plant and the assembly plant, in the middle of a worldwide epidemic. All of the challenges were successfully overcome thanks to the versatility and quality of the Kopron warehouses and with the help of its professionals.”  

The ground fixing technique is also very interesting, this type of warehouse was anchored using chemical dowels in 3 meter deep foundations.  The new covered area will allow for this famous multinational company to process minerals.

Basilio Mandara, General manager of Kopron in Brazil, states that these types of constructions are becoming increasingly popular in the local market. Quick expansion, maximum safety and the guarantee of a solid company make the difference compared with local competitors.


The Kopron mobile warehouses can be found throughout the world

Kopron has not only dealt with the creation and implementation of the structure but it is was also involved in all bureaucratic aspects and local questions, it handled the permits, it made the foundations and coordinated the entire workforce in full observance of times and costs. LED lighting, drainpipes, large doors, airing systems, all of these elements were handled by Kopron.

A real turnkey project for the largest curtain covered warehouse in South America.

All of the Kopron warehouses respect the static and dynamic requirements of the specific area of installation and satisfy local norms.

Kopron is a Made in Italy reality that designs, builds and installs mobile, fixed and retractable warehouses using PVC covers.  It can face requests from all over the world.  Apart from its head offices based in the most important emerging markets, it also has a large network of fitters and dealers.

The Kopron warehouses have represented a consolidated solution for 40 years for the creation of new covered areas in a short amount of time that can be used as a warehouse, hangar and production plant for special processing.

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