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Logistics solutions for waste storage and treatment

Kopron designs and manufactures logistics solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the waste and composting sector.

Covering the waste with a special fabric structure, both during storage and processing, is essential both to work better and to correctly comply with the regulations in force. Large high-speed doors are the ideal solution to close large compartments with convenience and speed.

Why is a fabric structure useful in waste storage or processing?

The steel structures and PVC sheets used for the storage of waste become the ideal logistical solution because they fully meet technical, environmental and legal needs in this area.

The advantages of Kopron tents for the waste processing sector:

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A useful solution for waste containment:
the industrial tent

The logistical solution in the image allows you to store pallets of solid waste by making greater use of space and isolating them from the surrounding environment. The Kopron movable industrial tent of 170 square meters was built in front of an existing shed and mounted on concrete walls with a height of 3.7 meters.

Fixed or movable industrial tents for the waste sector

Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

Kopron PVC sheet tents are both fixed or movable. In the waste treatment sector, it is useful to offer operators the possibility of moving the structure with extreme ease: for this reason, Kopron has studied technical solutions capable of adhering perfectly to the waste disposal plant.

In this specific case, the fabric structure becomes one with the underlying processes, because it is fundamental for the success of the processing process. This type of solution is also often subject to incentives or tax breaks.

Each Kopron fixed or movable industrial tent is designed and calculated by certifying its static and dynamic performance relative to the exact place of installation. This approach guarantees absolute safety, reliability and durability over the years. Speed of installation and dismantling, cost-effectiveness and few bureaucratic formalities are among the winning features of our structures compared to other types of logistics facilities.

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Bespoke high-speed doors for waste composting areas

The storage areas dedicated to composting waste usually require large openings for the passage of work vehicles. Large openings require specially tailor-made closures.

Kopron‘s custom-made “Giant Pack” high-speed doors separate the rooms, protecting the composting area and exhalations from the outside. Kopron packing quick doors have the following advantages: speed, safety, robustness and fully customized design to achieve the desired dimensions.

Kopron’s Product Design and Development department can always identify the most suitable solution in the composting and waste sector.

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