Solutions for the logistics and business sector: steel industrial tents, dock levellers and industrial doors

Steel industrial tents, dock levellers for loading and industrial doors are essential components of corporate and industrial logistics.

The supply of raw materials, their handling, storage in safe and controlled environments and supply of internal departments. as well as the shipment of goods are complex operations that require highly flexible and reliable solutions capable of meeting the challenging needs of businesses.

Kopron understands that accurate logistics planning can determine a business’ success. That’s why it designs and creates high-quality solutions that enable the company to perform at its best in its various daily activities. 

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Steel industrial tents for storing goods

Ideal for expanding covered surface in speed

Made of steel and PVC sheet, Kopron industrial tents are the ideal structures to expand the space available for the storage of goods in speed. In owned company yards, close to work areas, it is possible to cover unused or uncovered areas with intelligent roofing systems. The success of Kopron fabric industrial tents has been consolidated over the years for the following advantages:

  • The simplicity of assembly and installation
  • Fast-track bureaucratic procedures
  • Safe and durable over the years, thanks to the static suitability calculated for the exact location
  • Fixed or retractable, through the installation of wheels it is possible to slide the structure making it open or closed
  • Lower costs than traditional masonry warehouses
  • Replacement of the steel shed in other contexts

Industrial locks for
automated access

Sectional doors that meet the need for quick and frequent passages between different environments

As part of the industrial locks for quick and optimized access, Kopron offers a wide range of sectional doors to delimit and protect internal and external compartments. Kopron high-speed doors are ideal to close departments internally by dividing zones/areas. There are three main models: high-speed roll-up doors, high-speed packing doors (ideal for reaching large dimensions) and self-repairing high-speed doors (in case of collisions the car cover is part of the guides). The outdoor doors close safely and conveniently, delimiting the accesses. 

Among the models of industrial doors proposed by Kopron: are sectional doors and gates, roller shutters plus folding and sliding doors. Many accessories and automatisms can be integrated.

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Dock levellers for safe and fast logistics flows

Dock levellers to optimize goods handling

Kopron production dock levellers are key components for a safe and fast flow of goods. The dock levellers are logistical equipment designed to optimize and improve the handling of goods. Tailor-made equipment is composed of four fundamental elements:

  1. Dock levellers, ideal for moving large loads of everyday goods
  2. Sectional doors, to isolate the external environment from the inside
  3. Sealants, to protect loads and help prevent the spread of heat loss
  4. Automatic platform vehicle restraints to safely handle loads and unloads

For each type of dock leveller, different models vary according to the specific use and context of insertion. Kopron has an internal division completely dedicated to the consultancy and installation of dock levellers.

Shelters and canopies for cars

Ideal solutions for covering car parks and parking areas

Kopron canopies and car shelters are designed to meet the functional and aesthetic demands of companies and individuals. Ideal solutions for covering car parks and parking areas. The car covers guarantee excellent waterproofing and protection, protecting cars and company vehicles from the elements of hail, wind, sunlight and snow.

Thanks to the refined design, Kopron canopies and car shelters adapt to any context: homes, large private or public car parks, service areas, supermarkets, car washes, car dealerships and residences.

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