Stand-alone PVC fabric industrial tents

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Stand-alone steel industrial tents

Kopron’s stand-alone PVC industrial tents are characterized by a hot-dip galvanized steel structure and stand-alone installation, i.e. without any physical connection to existing buildings.

These stand-alone steel industrial tents are very useful for increasing the space of areas located within the production or commercial units and can be fixed or retractable: in the latter case, the arches’ sliding takes place on special forged steel wheels, with double ball bearing, watertight.

Stand-alone PVC industrial tents: robust, safe and versatile

The Kopron stand-alone PVC industrial tents are a practical and convenient solution as an alternative to the classic concrete structures: versatile and structurally flexible, they can be installed and disassembled quickly and do not require special maintenance. Their sturdy structure has two closed sides, from the load-bearing structure and the cover sheet as well as the canopy, while the remaining sides are open to allow entry and exit with the possibility of being closed with sturdy sliding curtains or industrial closures.

Thanks to their versatile and economical structure, these stand-alone PVC industrial tents can be used even in the most problematic situations, making exploitable areas impossible to manage through any other protection system. They can also be quickly uninstalled and reallocated wherever needed.

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Here you can find the latest installations, tips and testimonials of your product of interest.


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