Sliding warehouses

Movable industrial tents with horizontal sliding on rails

Kopron movable industrial tents can have the characteristic of sliding thanks to installed motorization. The entire structure can be operated and run horizontally on rails, without altering the activities that take place underneath in any way. The movable sliding steel covers have the strength of being able to cover or expose enormous spaces without limits of footage for the track rails. These covers can also be installed with other structures of the same type and have telescopic technology so that one can slide inside the other.

Steel sliding warehouses: ideal for working in open and closed spaces without moving the equipment

In the sliding motorized movable industrial tents, the structure slides completely leaving the space totally clear. It is possible to control the movements of the sliding steel warehouse through a push-button panel or a smartphone app.

This technology is often used in conjunction with retractable technology for companies that need to work indoors and outdoors, in some moments of the day, without having to move work equipment.

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