Complete logistics solutions for every industry

Kopron offers industries of different types, sectors and sizes a complete range of solutions for excellent logistics: from canvas movable industrial tents doors, from dock levellers to sectional doors.

Kopron solutions for industrial logistics


Fixed or retractable industrial tents and fabric structures

Kopron designs and manufactures movable industrial tents for every type of industry. These metal structures are ideal for creating new production spaces in a short time or for exploiting unused areas in storage areas. Kopron industrial tensile structures are made of hot-dip galvanized steel and are generally coated with durable PVC sheeting. Each movable industrial tent is designed for the exact place of installation by calculating and certifying the static and dynamic performance of the structure.

Here are the advantages of Kopron tensile structures and movable industrial tents:

  • Quick installation. Without interrupting production. Speed of construction and assembly.
  • Streamlined bureaucracy. If the facility has a temporary destination, bureaucracy is simplified. A TRAIL or a DIA is enough.
  • Economical, versatile, movable. Fixed or retractable, our movable industrial tents easily cover and uncover areas. The price per square meter is very advantageous compared to a concrete or prefabricated building.
  • Maximum customization. Accessories, widths and depths are tailored to all our movable warehouses and tensile structures.
  • Safe and durable. Ten-year guarantee on the structure.
  • 100% relocatable. Easily moved to other locations.
  • Modular. Possibility of remodelling the space at any time.

Movable tunnels

Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

Kopron movable tunnels are structures that can open, close and move as needed. Structure in metallic carpentry, cover in PVC fabric, tracks and wheels in forged steel, built with exclusive materials that allow moving the tunnel safely and speedily.

Kopron production PVC movable tunnels are generally used to cover work areas or create storage areas. They often act as a connection tunnel between two plants, creating a covered and continuous area. Thanks to the retractability of the structure, it is possible to move the tunnel by packing it towards one end or the other.


PVC canopies

Kopron’s PVC canopies are ideal for creating covered areas near the warehouses quickly, with few bureaucratic formalities and security. Kopron canopies create newly covered areas used for example: material storage, warehouse, coverage of area dedicated to loading – unloading goods, forklift storage or company vehicles. Kopron metal structures cover unused areas creating new space useful for daily work.

Sandwich panel industrial tents

Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

The Kopron product range also includes sandwich panel industrial tents. They are properly fixed warehouses with the advantages of Kopron structures. Kopron sandwich panel industrial tents are the ideal solution for those who have environments to cover with maximum thermal and acoustic insulation from the outside. All Kopron warehouses have a ten-year warranty.

The safety and durability of this type of structure make sandwich panel warehouses the ideal solution for permanent installations. All Kopron movable industrial tents are both robust and flexible solutions in compliance with the geographical restrictions on snow load, wind and earthquake, as per the Regulations referred to in Ministerial Decree 17/01/2018.


Car shelters

Loading and unloading ramps to optimise goods handling

Our car canopies allow you to create large made-to-measure car parks per different companies’ needs.

We offer different models of car canopies to reflect different aesthetics and uses. The products are available with both integrated solar panels and weatherproof covers.

Industrial high-speed doors

Sectional doors that meet the need
of quick and frequent switching between different environments

For small, medium or large industries, Kopron is also a manufacturer and supplier of high-speed or industrial doors designed and produced in an Italian plant completely dedicated to the construction of a wide range of professional doors.


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