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Turnkey Construction of Paddle Fields

K-Padel is the brand-new concept of a “turnkey paddle board” proposed by Kopron. Kopron continues to enrich its experience in the field of sport with the design of a new structure used for the game of paddle, a sport practised through a racket and a ball that draws inspiration and origin from tennis. Thanks to a team of dedicated professionals, Kopron can fully meet the demands for a unique product and turnkey service: everything is taken care of in detail; from the construction of the paddle court to the clothing of the players to all the sports equipment necessary for the game.

The advantages of K-Padel, Kopron's turnkey paddle court

The model proposed by Kopron is K-Padel and has several advantages both aesthetic and structural. All the tubular rods that support the fence structure are made with the tapering technique therefore with the reduction of the transverse dimensions, with a vertical trend, in the passage from the lower end to the upper one.

This construction mode provides considerable advantages: lightness, less installation time and design. The paddle court is considerably smaller than a tennis court and this drastically reduces the installation time by increasing the performance of the installer.

Why build a paddle court?

A mix of squash, racquetball and tennis, it is a quick and addictive game

It is a game of great trend, considered a fun novelty

Low initial investment and high return

Maintenance exempt

Minimal required space

Accessibility to all types of players

After-sales assistance

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