Steel warehouse to extend the SIBO depot

Published on 7 July 2021
Modified on 28 March 2023
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Società Italiana Boccole (S.I.B.O), a leader for more than 40 years in the production of steel bushes, has put its trust in Kopron to extend its warehouse in Caldera di Reno, Bologna.

The steel warehouse of more than 200 square metres is of a single-slope kind, installed next to the existing warehouse on the land owned by the company, measuring 11.2 m. x 19 m. x 5.5 h. The structure made from a zinc coated steel structure has been designed to resist over the years in the exact location of installation. The finished structure has a 10-year warranty together with the EC mark and emission of the DOP (Declaration of Performance) according to the contents of the norm UNI EN 1090-1.

The light grey resistant PVC cover of the warehouse has two anthracite strips on the sides, a design covered by a Kopron patent. The panels as well as carpentry work are made by a specialized internal production team. There are three strips of transparent panels on the roof of the new warehouse, all 1.5 metres wide and 15 metres long, providing natural light and therefore savings on electricity costs. At the top of the warehouse there is a Kopron fast opening door, 8 metres wide and 4.5 metres high, providing automatic access to all incoming and outgoing vehicles.

All of the Kopron warehouses installed on the side of the buildings are self-supporting and do not encumber the weight of the walls of the existing building. They provide a safe and fast extension to the adjacent warehouse.

Francesco Grasso, Area Managers, states:

“The Customer is satisfied with the work carried out in a short amount of time, in just a few weeks we were able to increase the amount of space available. The technical solution identified together with the quality of the product led to the choice of Kopron”.

Advantages of the Kopron steel warehouses

The steel warehouses, compared with prefabricated traditional brick structures, are much lighter and provide easy extensions and changes without any special kind of maintenance. All of the Kopron warehouses can be mobile. Thanks to the installation of wheels the structure can be retracted according to requirements and most importantly occupy less space, facilitating local construction procedures.

Every steel industrial warehouse made by Kopron integrates perfectly in the area of installation. The Kopron modus operandi is turn-key: from the totally free of charge preliminary technical inspection, quotations and technical feasibility right through to product development and production and on-site installation. All of the work phases end in a high-quality product in total safety with applicable construction norms.

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