A geodesic dome, the alternative to a classical tensile structure

Published on 30 July 2021
Modified on 28 March 2023
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For years the geodesic dome, has been an integral part of Kopron production, an alternative with a very strong aesthetic impact compared with classical “warehouse” tensile structures.

With a unique design, the Kopron K-Igloo geodesic domes, through the use of special arches and gaskets that create triangular elements, represent perfect half-spheres. The structure which is very solid, is calculated to resist in the exact location of installation and temporary solutions are also available. The Kopron geodesic domes are sturdy and very resistant to atmospheric conditions, calculated and certified with static and dynamic performance levels in class 4.

Cover of the dome consists of a resistant PVC panel, normally interspersed with transparent strips of panel to guarantee natural internal light. Many options and accessories compose this structure: entrance doors, windows, air vents, different types of panels.

Internal production dedicated to these geodesic spheres range from a minimum radius of 6 metres up to 30 metres (approximately 710 sq.m.).

Ground fixing depends on the type of use and underlying ground, generally special ground fissions with a low ecological impact or self-supporting ballasts are used. In the case of ballasts, aesthetic details are used to hide the concrete blocks.



The situations of use of geodesic domes

The geodesic dome adapts perfectly to holding stages and passerella for events. It is often used for recreational events but also for showrooms. The main customers that use this kind of structure include: automotive, large fashion and design brands, but also restaurants, farms for geodesic greenhouses and all activities that require new design space.

The PVC panel is normally white, grey, transparent or personalised also through the combination of different panels between them. The entire dome can be customised according to specific requirements, logos or portals can be installed in the definition of an architecture in line with objectives.

Through the use of a special PVC “black out” panel, the dome can be completely obscured from sunrays, perfect for photo shoots or exhibitions with internal projections.

What are the costs and the norms related to a geodesic dome?

The price of a geodesic dome varies according to the dimensions, the quality of the materials, the finish chosen and the use.

The price of a dome in class 4 varies between 100 and 150 euro per square metre according to the options and accessories chosen.

Permits and norms depend on the type of use, if fixed or temporary. Therefore all construction norms are observed (Min. Dec. of 14th January 2008). In general, tensile structures can be made and installed without the need for a building permit only when they are temporary and destined to be removed immediately.

Strange facts about geodesic domes

The first geodesic dome was designed immediately after the first World War by Walter Bauersfeld (Engineer) to host a planetary projector. Subsequently these domes were used in various fields, such as houses.

The main advantages of this construction system include:

  • The structure can be rapidly erected using light elements and a small team of workers
  • They hold strong loads of snow and wind if adequately designed
  • Design of a strong aesthetic impact
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