Steel industrial tents with fixed or retractable PVC coating

The structures of the PVC industrial tents are all made of galvanized steel and covered with a sturdy PVC sheet.

These structural features make it possible to cover very large surfaces while offering resistance to the elements, the weight of the snow and the wind.

Kopron’s PVC industrial tents are the best solution for business.

Each industrial tent is designed to meet the customer’s needs and the characteristics of the geographical area in which it will be installed while calculating and certifying static and dynamic performance. Inside each steel industrial tent, it is possible to install locks and loading points to improve logistics operations.

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The advantages of Kopron PVC industrial tents

Kopron PVC industrial tents are suitable for any industrial sector including the sports sector. The possibility of making them tailor-made for specific needs makes them the perfect tents for all coverage needs.

Quality PVC sheets

The PVC sheets that cover the Kopron steel industrial tents are 100% Dtex polyester fabrics, coated on both sides by PVC melt coating, protected from UV rays and treated against the formation of fungi and molds with a finishing of both surfaces glossy lacquered dustproof. Fireproof, durable and guaranteed for 6 years.

Kopron PVC sheet covers are complete with approval by the Ministry of the Interior for reaction to fire class 2 and upon request can also be supplied with approval by the Ministry of the Interior for reaction to fire class 1. High-quality fabrics are produced in Europe according to ISO 9001 quality control standards and in compliance with European reach standards.

As an option, additional anti-condensation and insulated sheets are available with a 4/5mm high PVC foam layer: it is important to note that with the use of this fabric you can achieve a lowering of the thermal K from 6.8 (normal fabric) to 3.7 (insulated fabric). Other main features of this type of fabric include constant temperature, reduced heating consumption, no condensation and acoustic insulation.

Newly introduced is the innovative Energy Saving roofing layer, the only one that allows the passage of 40% natural light, an exclusive product that can save on lighting systems and current costs by exploiting natural energy.

EC marked steel structure

Kopron uses only EC-marked steels from an entirely Italian production chain of guaranteed quality, ensuring complete traceability.

The finished structure obtains the EC mark and the issue of the PDO (Declaration of Performance) according to the provisions of UNI EN 1090-1, a mandatory requirement for the manufacturers of metal structures.

The entire Kopron production cycle takes place internally with technologically advanced machinery and highly qualified personnel.

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