Kopron and Caffè Moak, new industrial depot steel building.

Published on 23 May 2022
Modified on 28 March 2023
kopron in sicilia caffe Moak capannone industriale acciaio

Moak is a historic company located in Modica, Sicily, and specializes in high quality coffee blends. The company carries out scrupulous checks throughout the production process: they carefully treat and roast the best beans because they want to preserve the aromatic notes and scent that emanates from every type of coffee the moment it is harvested. A success story built on constant growth both in terms of production and organization, and on choices always based on attention to quality and detail.

In the Moak headquarters, a new industrial depot steel building and PVC tarp was quickly built in around 10 days. Kopron was involved in designing the optimal logistics solution to take advantage of the available outdoor space for carrying out fast and functional loading and unloading.

The existing warehouse area, through the connection of a folding door that opens onto the new steel depot, was expanded through a steel and tarp tent structure.

The installed structure is single slope (10% slope) and flanks the Moak production building. The dimensions are 15x24x4.5 m, red PVC tarp, with two loading bays as entrances and a pedestrian door for access located on the side. The loading bays, equipped with standard sealant, sectional door, and ramp for loading and unloading, speed up the logistic flows of the warehouse. The new area houses goods ready for distribution. To better delimit the access to the loading area, a concrete bed with low walls delimits it.

Industrial steel depots: the advantages

Making a Kopron prefabricated depot in steel and PVC tarp has considerable advantages compared to a traditional construction:

  • Facilitated bureaucracy and faster installation;
  • Minimum masonry work;
  • Return on investment in just 5 years;
  • Lower construction costs;
  • Option to expand, pack, or relocate the structure;
  • Quick assembly (10 days);
  • Customization of the solution according to specific needs;
  • Better environmental sustainability.

With Kopron steel constructions you can create a new logistics area in a short time.

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