A fabric warehouse as a logistics centre for Bemol

Published on 7 March 2022
Modified on 28 March 2023
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Kopron has created a new logistics centre for Bemol at Porto Velho, Roraima in Brazil. Bemol, a leading network of hypermarkets in the Amazon region, needed to expand its logistics area quickly.

In Kopron they found the ideal partner who could guarantee a turnkey solution. The new fabric warehouse covers an area of 4,000m2 and measures 40m x 100m x 5m with 10 loading bays along the front. These warehouses have quite a specific feature because they can be used to load and unload trucks, both for wholesale and retail distribution.

Basilio Mandara, General Manager of the Brazilian office said of the installation:
“This building is quite specific because most fabric warehouses have a function which is internal to the company, that is, they are used to store materials for production or, in any case, goods do not undergo a great deal of handling. In this case, though, we needed a building that could perform as a real, operational logistics centre.”

The customer’s requirements involved manufacturing and building a new logistics facility as quickly as possible and, in just 45 days, the new centre was operational.

Kopron was selected because, in addition to being a market leader in Brazil, it was the only company to offer a complete solution for the warehouse and the loading bays.

“The Economist” magazine also wrote an article on Bemol and this new area. In addition to telling its story, it highlights the social function of the company which distributes goods in a difficult area in terms of logistics and the social-economic situation.

The advantages of fabric warehouses as a logistics centre

Building a PVC fabric warehouse as a logistics centre has numerous advantages:

– Less and simpler bureaucracy

– Lower construction costs

– The option of being able to re-use the facility in another location

– Speed of installation

– The greatest customisation based on specific needs

Kopron warehouses are the fastest and most economical solution to expand production areas and logistics centres.

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