Side Industrial Tent in PVC fabric

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Single-slope PVC side and double-side warehouses

Kopron manufactures a wide range of lean-to, side and double-sided PVC tents to meet different operational needs. They are installed next to the buildings, flanking existing walls and protruding towards the yard or the property boundary.

These structures are prefabricated metal-structured tents with tarpaulins that have the canopy and a side, placed along the length, closed by the load-bearing structure and the cover. The other side is instead adjacent to the wall of the building, to allow direct access from the building.

Their peculiar feature is to cover marginal areas making them perfectly usable and exploitable as storage of goods.

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Side lean-to industrial tents in PVC fabric

Lean-to lateral tents are prefabricated tarpaulin tents designed to discharge rainwater only from the side opposite the building, to reduce the costs of the water conveying systems themselves.

capannoni in PVC doppio
Double-sided PVC industrial tents

The Kopron double-sided movable industrial tents are installed by inserting them between the walls of two existing buildings, a feature that makes them passable by the work vehicles in the four directions, orthogonal to each other, having no continuous walls on any side.

Based on this characteristic, these prefabricated sheet metal industrial tents can be usefully installed to connect two buildings, to make the transit between them adequately protected from atmospheric precipitation, creating in the meantime a covered area suitable for the storage of incoming or outgoing goods.

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