Agricultural warehouse for SPO Zentrum, Sicily, Italy

Published on 7 July 2022
Modified on 28 March 2023
capannone agricolo in acciaio e telo pvc kopron

The extension of the fruit and vegetable packaging plant in Vittoria, Sicily, had to take into consideration various aspects: on the one hand the typical function of a steel and Kopron fabric agricultural warehouse, on the other the desire to create a spacious and safe construction extremely quickly, in keeping with the context, but also equipped with comfortable work environments.

The fabric agricultural warehouse has a covered area of ​​about 800 m², attached to a warehouse of a pre-existing packaging plant, and is situated on agricultural land. The structure with a hot-dip galvanized steel frame rests on a concrete foundation. On the outside, the warehouse is covered with a resistant PVC fabric of similar colours to the existing building which it fits in with harmoniously. The pvc fabric is light grey with green inserts located near the two extremities, the typical design patented by Kopron. The light coloured fabric allows it to be brighter inside. The access points to the structure are controlled by two high speed fold-up doors, also produced by Kopron.

Spo Zentrum is a historic company situated in Sesto Fiorentino with processing plants directly in their fields located in Italy. They are committed every day to cultivating quality products with excellent organoleptic characteristics. With efficient logistics, they are able to reach consumers’ tables in 24/48 hours, delighting them with natural, fresh products that have just been picked. Kopron has managed to best satisfy Customer needs through its logistical solutions. The most appreciated advantages of the industrial warehouse for agricultural use were the speed of installation (only 15 days) and the possibility to relocate the structure, which can be easily moved to other agricultural fields.

For the agricultural sector Kopron offers many solutions. To meet the needs of farmers, growers and packers, it proposes: fabric warehouses, panel warehouses, retractable warehouses, loading bays and high speed closings. These PVC covering systems can be used as agricultural roofing or greenhouses, to increase the capacity of a warehouse, create covered areas for storing tractors, tools or processing machinery, or to create covers for the redevelopment of agricultural areas. With a wide range available and infinite customization possibilities, Kopron is able to satisfy the agricultural sector and all of its demands in the field of solutions to improve logistics and production.

Luca Peluso, Kopron dealer for the area and owner of Logik s.r.l, claims:

“In Sicily cultivations of citrus fruits, olives, vines and fruits trees are very profitable. Companies often need to create new covered areas in a short space of time. In this context, the Kopron solutions promoted by our experience and service on the territory go well together”.

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