PVC warehouse to connect the Novapack Sud headquarters

Published on 17 June 2022
Modified on 28 March 2023
capannone in acciaio kopron per novapack sud ragusa

A brand-new and functional PVC warehouse in Vittoria, Ragusa, installed in 15 days, to connect the Novapack Sud headquarters.

Novapack Sud specializes in the production and transformation of paper and plastic for food packaging. The search for new solutions and innovative materials makes Novapack Sud a point of reference for professionals in the sector, guaranteeing the customer a service that goes from the graphic development to the choice of the best packaging solution.

The warehouse is used for covering raw materials such as plastic and paper reels. The type of warehouse, installed between two buildings, favours the union of two spaces not far from each other. With this structure in hot galvanized metal and covering in durable PVC fabric, the unused property space is optimized. Bands of transparent PVC fabric have been inserted above the roof to allow greater natural internal brightness. This type of fabric is as durable as the normal coloured PVC fabric, with the advantage of letting natural light through and saving on electricity costs.

The size of the new covering is 42×18 meters, 756 square meters, with wheels on beams to be able to retract the structure as needed and occupy less space. The customer is satisfied with the installation for the quality of the product and the aesthetics of the made-in-Kopron products.

Kopron PVC warehouse solutions for your business

For 40 years, Kopron has been designing and installing industrial PVC warehouses and tunnels.

The advantages of Kopron steel structures are remarkable:

– Modular: the structures stand out for their great versatility and lack of architectural constraints.
They are easy to assemble and have a wide range of accessories.

– Versatile: they adapt to any company production sector with advanced design and features;

– Quick installation, compared to any other type of construction;

– Inexpensive: affordable price compared to other construction methods;

– Safe: the high-quality materials guarantee maximum safety and durability;

Kopron’s PVC warehouses offer the guarantee of an extremely reliable product thanks to the construction quality and the choice of raw materials. Through a streamlined bureaucracy, they expand company spaces quickly and with versatility. Kopron’s warehouses create new covered spaces that adapt to any type of business and production sector.

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