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Published on 21 June 2021
Modified on 28 March 2023
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The Kopron sectional doors, for use in industrial as well as commercial markets, are recognised by professionals as closures with a high construction quality for maximum reliability in terms of use. All of the characteristics requested of professional doors can be found in Kopron products.

In this brief guide to the winning characteristics of the sectional doors, we will illustrate 6 particularities providing a better assessment of which section door to choose.

Six successful characteristics to choose the right Kopron sectional door, in industries and in trade:

  • Compatibility with every architectural context.

    Kopron sectional doors are normally chosen because they occupy very little space and slide silently along the ceiling within the building. They open vertically by sliding upwards and are fitted parallel to the roof of the warehouse or garage, saving space. Thanks to this movement space can be saved inside as well as outside.

  • Improvement in thermal and acoustic performance.

    Insulation of the building improve thanks to the use of heat-insulating panels (the coat of the door) with side gaskets that seal against atmospheric agents in a very resistant manner. In the majority of cases, the chosen panel is 40mm thick and consist of a CFC free polyurethane insulation. Thanks to the high heat insulation properties, the door can be admitted to tax deduction if the architectural context is classified within current norms.

    By installing sectional doors, real savings are registered in energy costs of the building and in constant temperature maintenance for greater comfort.

  • Safety at work and compliance with norms. 

    The Kopron industrial doors combine the safety of EC norms according to the EN 13241-1 Product Norm, in line with the accident prevention norms in working areas.

    The Kopron sectional doors represent a safe closing system thanks to finger anti-trap panels, the cable/spring break-proof devices and the cable anti-derailment device.

    A safety device prevents falling of the coat in the case of accidental breakage of the hoisting cables or breaking of the balancing springs. The doors have a default safety system that maintains the hoisting cables constantly in tension and prevents them from derailing from the drums.

    Furthermore, in the majority of cases in which an automatic door is chosen, the safety contact edge and the phase inverter and photocells avoid squashing of people, objects and animals, stopping closure immediately.

  • Simple use and installation.

    Through the use of simple automatism, automatic doors can be opened and closed or programmed. Quality automation systems full of accessories, easy to configure, flexible and expandable with several options. Easy to assemble and fast to set-up. The operators will benefit in an increase in productivity, accelerating for example the incoming and outgoing logistic flows. The installation of a door can be completed in just a few hours, according to the size of the space and the peculiarities of the door.

  • The Made in Italy pipeline.

    The range of Kopron sectional doors, made entirely in Italian plants, thanks to a team of architects and industrial designers, with the contribution of production professionals, adapts harmoniously to every architectural context. In order to provide a high quality product, the raw materials and their compliance are chosen very carefully, to guarantee perfect functioning for long use. Quality is the key work in all internal production phases, as Kopron products must last over time. Personalisation is the main feature of these doors, that can be adapted completely to personal tastes and requirements, providing long term elegance. Just like an elegant dress, the Kopron section doors are often made to measure and designed with the objective of combining the functionality of technological elements with style, offering the possibility of choosing from a wide range of accessories and finishes, all of which can be mixed and matched. In order to protect the distinctive design of the Kopron doors, ornamental patents have been registered, able to protect  the unique and original nature of the brand. Differentiating elements such as: aluminium die-casting lifting handles, “aeronautical” portholes designed with a specific mould to stand out from standard elements, made to measure panels with coloured elements that customise the building. These are just some of the details that distinguish a product of design from a “basic” product.

    In the specific field of industrial sectional doors, Kopron is very attentive to cost containment and maximum reduction in maintenance intervention. Two very important characteristics that guide the choice of installation of a sectional doors without compromising the aesthetic aspect of integration.

  • Turn-key development and made to measure.

    Through a production centre highly specialised in the production of doors, requests can be adapted to specific customer requirements, creating made to measure doors for the building. Organisation within Kopron is able to follow all of the internal stages that lead to installation of the doors.

Enrico Bambace, Plant Manager dedicated to Kopron industrial doors, underlines how the differentiating element are the people, the professionals behind the projects. The Kopron team specialised in sectional doors is multi-purpose and focused on the satisfaction of individual customer requirements.

“Standardisation of production is available but every project requires adaptability to a very strong context of use. In order to succeed in this goal, we have an excellent design department, internal production and finally a strong sales network that identifies individual requirements and satisfies our Customers. The artisan nature of the solutions is very strong and can be found in every small or large execution, be it industrial or commercial.”

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