The 1st PVC tunnel for sanitization of people and things

Published on 9 September 2020
Modified on 28 March 2023

The Kopron Sanitary Tunnel, a guided sanitisation module against COVID-19

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The new Kopron PVC sanitization tunnel is a guided sanitization and hygiene module for people and things.  Designed and manufactured to combat COVID-19 with the utmost efficiency and safety.

It is a safe, fast and efficient process. It sanitizes and cleans people or things in just 8 seconds, guaranteeing the highest possible level of elimination of microbes on all surfaces. The Kopron sanitary tunnel is activated by a very light spray, created by an automatic plant integrated in the tunnel through the installation of a control unit.

The huge advantage, the tunnel sanitises all surfaces

The light and functional structure of the tunnel has been designed for individuals who must stay inside it for approximately 8 seconds, just enough time to carry out sanitization. Thanks to the automatic timer, people know exactly when to leave the sanitization module. Through the installation of a nozzle on the control unit, work instruments and objects can also be sanitized. Without having to install bulky structures this tunnel can carry out several functions and can also sanitize structures. The system, connected to the mains, nebulizes a sanitizing product that is efficient and not harmful to health, automatically diluted with water from the water system.

The K-Sanitary tunnel is therefore ideal in any environment, especially to drain entrances to public offices, companies, hospitals, supermarkets, airports, shopping centres and all areas with a large influx of people.

There are two models available. The first, K-Basic 20 Sanification, ideal for areas with few people, it can do approximately 100 sprays. The second model, K-Top Line Sanification, is fitted with a tank for frequent and numerous passages, with the possibility of doing between 700 and 1,000 sprays before it needs to be recharged. The latter is the ideal model in areas with a lot of people passing through. Easy installation, transportation and possible movement are the winning structural features of the new PVC tunnel.

Architect Giovanni Comi, the Product Manager of Kopron states:

“Once again the owners of the company wanted to provide their contribution against fighting COVID. It is now a well-known fact that cleaning and sanitizing people and objects constantly represents a valid instrument to fight COVID. For this reason, with my team, we have chosen to adapt our technology in an attempt to offer a useful product in terms of sanitisation of people and things. Apart from safe functionality, the K-Sanitary tunnel has a simplified and minimal design making it easily integrated within various locations.” 

The structure of the Kopron tunnel

The structure is made from hot galvanized steel, created entirely using numerical control machines that handle production independently, from extraction of the bars right through to palletization of the finished product. To date Kopron Spa is the only company in Europe that manufactures these structures using the latest generation machinery, completely robotized.

This type of equipment guarantees maximum precision (1/10 mm) in every production phase. Any possible corners that may cause friction with the cover panel are rounded. These elements are completely bolted between them, making dismantling and replacement, in the case of damages, very easy.

The tunnel is fitted using pickets fixed to the ground and, in some cases, using ballasts. The cover is made from a PVC panel, treated on both sides with an EN 13501-1 fireproof treatment.

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