Folding doors for STIB, a transport company from Brussels

Published on 3 August 2020
Modified on 28 March 2023

Made-to-measure for the passage of its vehicles

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Kopron consolidates even further its presence abroad thanks to high quality made-to-measure projects. STIB (a transport company from Brussels) has new functional access doors to the warehouses used to store its vehicles, following the installation of 27 folding doors by Kopron. Apart from the building having undergone an important reassessment, it also allows personnel to work better.

The intervention, designed by the Kopron technical department, involved the creation of 27  KPL-SG folding door model  with side folding of the two doors. The folding doors chosen are fitted with a guide at the top, consisting of 52mm thick panels with a side frame made from galvanized steel, insulated and fitted with a resistant pre-painted smooth sheet steel, available in several colours. The 4-leaf doors (2+2) are also fitted with a small window on each leaf.  Two colours have been chosen: RAL 5015 blue (to match the company logo) and RAL 7016 grey. The dimensions of the closure vary between 4,100 metres and 4,880 metres in length and with a height up to 5,570 metres. The engines fitted allow for practical opening and closing of the doors using a remote control or control panel.

Franco Lombardi, Export Manager for Kopron, reconfirms the importance of a trustworthy and competent dealer in the area of installation, in this case in Belgium.

“On site assistance and rapidity towards customer requirements is guaranteed by our trustworthy dealer who interfaces with us in Kopron in order to prepare the very best technical and commercial offer. It is always the dealer on site that carries out installation and maintenance. Mutual trust guaranteed by reliability matured over the years. Just like made-to-measure clothes, we have created personalised folding doors for the STIB warehouse, a transport company in Brussels”.

The technical characteristics of quality of Kopron folding doors

Consisting of steel or aluminium painted sandwich panels, with an injection of Styrofoam inside, the Kopron folding doors guarantee the highest possible level of thermal and acoustic insulation, while special EPDM gaskets and nylon brushes on the closing profiles guarantee perfect and total closure.

The perfect, silent and sliding movement is guaranteed by black aluminium alloy hinges with a pin fitted with a fall protection system and dual thrust bearing. The movement system works using a black painted galvanised steel guide at the top with relative guides with three nylon wheels. Internally the door is closed by internal rod controls with a closing action at the top and at the bottom.

The Kopron folding doors become the ideal closure in all areas with frequent passage with large areas to be closed. Quality and anti-wear materials characterise this model as one of the most resistant.

When should you choose a folding door?

  • Dimensions of the Opening: Large
  • Safety: High
  • Insulation: High
  • Practicality: High
  • Frame: Slim
  • Internal/External Appearance: High
  • Price: Medium
  • Duration: High
  • Maintenance: Low
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