A Kopron retractable structure for combat sports in Naples

Published on 23 July 2020
Modified on 28 March 2023

The Boxing School of Pomigliano d’Arco expands its training area with Kopron

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A Kopron retractable structure to expand the area of a popular boxing school in Pomigliano d’Arco, Naples. The ASD Boxing School of Pomigliano organizes boxing courses for children and adults. Its main objective is to diffuse this ancient combat sport throughout the area of Naples. Thanks to the creation of a retractable structure the area has been expanded in a flexible manner for training activities of: boxing, kickboxing and athletic preparation for combat sports.

The company Fato Logistic Equipments di Dr. Dario Fato, a Kopron dealer for the Campania region, dealt with installation, a technical inspection and the most suitable solution for the real customer requirements.

“Boxing is a sport that requires hard work in terms of training and concentration”, states Dr. Dario Fato and goes on to say, “The creation of an ideal environment for this kind of sport through a mobile structure has reconfirmed the ability of the Kopron structures to adapt to every possible situation.”  

The retractable structure fitted is of the following dimensions: 10 metres wide x 25 metres long and 5 metres high with sliding panels on both sides. The main characteristic of this model lies in its retractable structure. It is extremely easy to open the structure manually and fold the panels. The retractable structure has been positioned on a specially made concrete base. The metal structure lays on exclusive anti-derailing tracks made by Kopron and fitted into the base itself. The protection carter of the wheels is always fitted with a special accident prevention and anti-dirt system.

Operation of a retractable structure

Operation of a retractable structure
Let’s take a look at how retraction of a Kopron retractable structure actually works. A structure to be folded that is 25 metres long covers up to 9 metres, folding covers approximately 40% of the entire surface area. In order to move the retractable structure and accelerate operations, the help of 4 people is recommended: two should be at the end of the structure and two in the middle of the external sides. First of all, the tensioning chains and any possible snow chains should be released. A couple of people should be in charge of handling, a procedure that should be carried out in a synchronized manner and aligned on both sides. A couple of people should check to make sure that the guides on the ground are free from obstructions, are clean and allow for correct sliding of the wheels. This operation can be carried out in approximately twenty minutes with complete ease. With this kind of technology your company activities can be covered and uncovered according to requirements.


What are the main advantages of a retractable structure?

  1. A galvanised steel structure, fixed but also detachable/mobile with subsequent occupation of less space
  2. Steel complies with the strictest of construction requirements according to the specific area of installation
  3. The roof panels made from resistant PVC can be customised
  4. Low environmental impact: steel is a 100% recyclable material
  5. Fast construction, assembly and dismantling
  6. Cheap and very few bureaucratic formalities compared with other constructions
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