A functional Kopron industrial tent for waste treatment in Ragusa Italy

Published on 23 June 2020
Modified on 28 March 2023

The functional tent with PVC panels for the R.I.U. La Cognata covers the recycling area of plastic material

MAIN tendostruttura in telo pvc trattamento smaltimento rifiuti kopron

An important company can be found in Sicily, in the beautiful city of Ragusa, close to the industrial area, working in the field of waste disposal. R.I.U. La Cognata is a company specialised in the collection, treatment and disposal of waste. The need to install a Kopron industrial tent was born from the strong desire to accelerate the disposal of plastic waste. The mobile structure, installed in just a fortnight, acts as a strategic cover for machinery specialised in the recycling process.

The Kopron industrial tent is made from hot galvanised steel with a resistant class 1 self-extinguishing PVC cover (flame reaction: CSE-RF-1/75-Cl.1)*, with personalised colours. The structural frame of the cover is fixed to a concrete base and anchored using galvanised steel bolts certified according to the norm UNI EN 1090. The dimensions of the structure, made to measure, cover the processing cycle in the most functional manner: 1,500 sq.m., 25 metres wide with a single span, 12.5 metres high and 60 metres long. There are four openings along one side of the structure and three on the other side, for access by vehicles.

Expanding without building: the advantages of the Kopron mobile tents

With Kopron industrial tents you can expand your activity in total safety and rapidity. Expanding without building concrete walls allows for huge savings in terms of time and costs. Kopron’s experience in this field through a strong network of technical sales agents throughout the country, able to identify the very best structure according to specific requirements. Thanks to Luca Peluso, owner of the company Logik, an official Kopron dealer in the South of Sicily, the Customer received a complete and quality turn-key service.

“Our added value is definitely our turn-key service that we provide our customers with. From the selection of the most suitable technical solution, through to installation of the product on site and after sales services. For example, we identified the right solution for this company, not only from a technical but also functional point of view but also able to make use of tax advantages. Right from the beginning the Customer appreciated our multidisciplinary approached aimed at helping companies in a concrete manner”, states Luca Peluso the Kopron dealer in Sicily.

Apart from satisfying all requirements related to functionality, efficiency and safety, the main factors for the choice of the right supplier were product quality, the excellent quality-price ratio but most of all the consolidated reliability and experience on the market.

”I chose Kopron because it is on the market in a very organised manner. With Logik, the official Kopron dealer, I have managed to achieve a high level of technical-sales consultancy for my Customers over the years. Also with R.I.U. La Cognata we have collaborated in the best possible way with technical-sales consultancy for product installation, with attention to every small detail”, Engineer Salvatore Roccasalva, professional for R.I.U. La Cognata, states with total satisfaction.

*Class 1 PVC panels technical characteristics

Fire resistance is the treatment that the PVC panel is subject to in order to reduce or delay combustion. An increase in the class level corresponds to greater facility in the development of combustion. 100% polyester fabric 1100 dtex (CONSTRUCTION 1/1) covered on both sides by spreading of PVC, protected against UV rays, treated against mould through an anti-dust shiny lacquered finish on both sides. The fabric is produced according to ISO 9001 quality norms.

  • USE: industrial structures, large civil covers, industrial closures
  • RESISTANCE TO TRACTION: (o/t) DIN 53354: 3000/3000 n/50mm
  • RESISTANCE TO TEARING: (o/t) DIN 53363: 300/300


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