Kopron loading bays for the new AF Züst Ambrosetti logistics centre

Published on 20 May 2020
Modified on 28 March 2023
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AF Züst Ambrosetti is an important reality in the field of logistics and road transport on a European level. The construction of a new logistic centre located just outside Milan represents an important and strategic operation for the group. The new location of 30,000 square metres, built in just a few months, includes a logistic warehouse with innovative solutions aimed at the ergonomics and functionality of the building itself. Kopron has installed 80 loading bays and 80 sectional doors in this important development project. Apart from satisfying all requirements related to perfect functionality, efficiency and safety, the choices made have turned out to be very important especially in terms of the quality of the components and materials as well as the consolidated reliability of the products.

Engineer Roberto Folino of AF Züst states: “We reconfirmed Kopron because it satisfied our requirements in terms of time, costs and the quality of its projects. The level of reliability of their loading bays, as a key element for safe and fast logistic flows, led us to choose a consolidated technology on the market. The installation included 80 loading bays, 80 sectional doors, 64 dock shelters and 16 metal roofs for the platforms. All of the equipment was monitored and interconnected with a safety system to the loading ramp, an automatism that creates rapidity and safety in all operations.” 

Reliability, safety and design for the Kopron loading bays

The 80 sectional doors installed all having a vertical sliding mechanism, powered with safety interconnection with the loading bay. They are white on the inside and blue on the outside, in harmony with the colour of the building. The doors have a “k-vision” window to provide extra light on the inside.

64 loading bays have been installed, all with a hinged lip, loading bays of 2×3 metres with a capacity of 6,000 kg, with the “krbmi boxmodel” model frame, with concrete casting to optimise construction work. This type of frame for ramps avoids the majority of construction work and wooden formwork, simplifying installation operations and, at the same time, helping to reduce edification times. With this solution the loading pallet, protected by a casing, is already included in the frame and acts as a squaring arm. A pair of maxi rubber buffers are also fitted onto each dock to absorb any possible knocks.

64 dock-shelters “kdrs” have been chosen as they are ideal to reduce heat transfer between the indoor and outdoor environment and to protect loads, provided with a grey panel and with black front flaps. 16 loading and unloading bays are all fitted with an external protective metal dock, model “krkei”. Finally, 16 isothermal doors have been installed, model “kdtr dock-tunnel” ideal to cover loading and unloading procedures, with a grey panel and with black front flaps.

Paolo Calvi, Manager of the Kopron Logistics department explains: “Our loading bays are systems that have been developed and created to provide logistic centres with higher levels of performance. With my staff I personally deal with all customer requirements by designing specific loading systems for the context in which they are to be used. We are extremely satisfied with this project because we studied the ideal solution with the customer, allowing them to work in the best possible way in this new logistic centre.”

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