Kopron high speed doors for the advanced mechanisation post office centre of Bologna Italy

Published on 10 May 2019
Modified on 28 March 2023
porte rapide apertura automatica 1

Kopron the latest technology self-repairing high speed doors for the mechanization post office centre of Poste Italiane. Perfectly in harmony with the corporate visual identity, they automate the logistic flows of the Customer. The supply was made to CEA, an important Construction Company based in Monghidoro, Bologna Italy. CEA was awarded the contract as general contractor.

The mechanisation centre of the Post office of Bologna is a location in which large quantities of correspondence are sorted by Poste Italiane. The requirement was to install doors with an intelligent technology able to keep up with the automatism of the centre. Kopron therefore supplied automatic opening doors thanks to the magnetic spiral fitted into the floor. In this way the high speed doors can be automatically controlled to allow for rapid transit of operator-free automated trolleys. These trolleys normally transport letters, packages and other material on a constant basis.  A highly automated plant has been completed with likewise technological industrial closures.

A made-to-measure door to guarantee highly technological spaces

Poste Italiane and the General Contractor confirm their total satisfaction of Kopron and sourcing of the “Smart” model self-repairing high speed doors.

Francesco Grasso, the salesman that carried out the sale, claims satisfied:

“Attention to detail, the high quality of the structural materials and automation, innovation in the fabric-structure coupling system make this model a product with a highly advanced and inspected level of technology. I am satisfied with the integration between a modern product like ours and our technological warehouse of excellence, like the one provided”

Strictly yellow, in line with the visual identity of the corporate brand. The high speed self-repairing industrial doors are equipped with a range of special side guides in wear-free and self-lubricated PVC, fitted on special oscillating supports that follow the movement of the fabric. This specific model carries out self-repair after a possible accidental knock.  The fabric releases itself from the side guides and in the next closing cycle automatically returns into the guides, restoring correct operation.

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