Kopron storage building in the port: more space in less time.

Published on 10 March 2021
Modified on 28 March 2023
main 1 setramar capannone in telo grandi dimensioni porto ravenna

Characteristics of the canvas warehouse for the Setramar Group

A Kopron storage building of 3,000 sq.m in the Ravenna port for the Setramar group has created more indoor space for the storage of goods.

Installation by Kopron was completed in a very short and fixed amount of time, in just 7 days, during the COVID-19 emergency without interrupting the workflow of the port, a new indoor area was born.

The warehouse, 6.7 metres high, 29 metres wide and 103 metres long, consists of a structure made from hot galvanized steel by immersion and a protective layer made from a resistant PVC canvas, class 2. These technical characteristics allow for maximum duration in a corrosive environment. The finished structure has a 10-year warranty and is marked EC together with a performance certificate according to the UNI EN 1090-1 norm. All of the structural profiles used are made from a closed rectangular section providing greater resistance to loads and safety for the Customer. The canvas is fitted to the carpentry using fixing plates with certified straps. Certificates are issued for this kind of fixing method, confirming the breakage load of the plaque at 350kg. Static and structural suitability is calculated according to the exact location of installation and to resistant weather conditions and wind. The model installed, a “KTT-F”, allows for large side openings with logistic space for manoeuver at the sides. The construction choices made by the Kopron group always focus on high quality and structural stability in time.

The Kopron storage building was chosen by the group using the 26 month hire formula, due to its huge company advantages:

  • control of costs and non-commitment in huge amounts of capital
  • Tax deductions
  • The ability to choose the best and latest technology
  • Sure costs with possible maintenance included

Mario Vergani, co-owner of Kopron and Sales Manager states:

“The Kopron storage building are the ideal solution for storage areas in ports and interports, they provide total security for the construction of new indoor space in a short amount of time. Unlike the “light” structures made form aluminium or light steel, of a temporary nature, ours are made to resist over the years even in the worst weather conditions”.

The Kopron storage building for ports and interports

The competitiveness of ports can also be found in the adequacy of the logistic structure and tension structures supporting the activities. The lack of availability of indoor areas results in the need to equip with solid and efficient areas to cover work processes on the dock. Therefore it is extremely important to be able to use the service areas with flexible but solid structures. The Kopron mobile warehouses are safe, resistant to earthquakes and fast to assemble, allowing for optimisation of port logistics, creating internal workspace in a short amount of time.

Who is the Setramar Group

Setramar is the first private terminal operator platform of the Italian port system for solid, loose and single goods, with more than 7 million tons loaded/unloaded.

The logistic division of the Group carries out services connected with the unloading, loading, storage and transfer of goods in transit through the Port of Ravenna.

It works directly with its own equipment and plants located in the 2 kilometers of dock and in the almost 800,000 square meters of area that it owns, using more than 20 cranes and more than one hundred handling machines.

The presence of functional internal railway connections, equipped warehouses and plants for packaging and initial material processing makes the logistic centre of the Group a real ship-truck-railway multimodal centre and a multifunctional integrated logistic platform.


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