Kopron sectional doors capable of architectural reassessment of a window.

Published on 23 March 2021
Modified on 28 March 2023
portone sezionale di design per vetrina negozio giocattoli

Tre portoni sezionali vetrati K-VISION per enfatizzare l’esposizione giochi di un grande parco dei divertimenti, il Liberty City Park di Napoli.

Da una collaborazione su misura è nata un’installazione estremamente personalizzata ed in linea con le esigenze estetiche e funzionali del committente. L’obiettivo era quello di crea

Three K-VISION glass sectional doors to highlight the exhibition of games in a large amusement park, the Liberty City Park of Naples.

From a customised collaboration an extremely personalised installation was born, perfectly in line with the aesthetic and functional requirements of the customer. The objective was to create a window with an opening and through the use of KOPRON glass doors this result was achieved with total satisfaction of the customer and of the designer.

The sectional doors, that have represented an integral part of Kopron production for years, are destined for the industrial as well as commercial markets. They are normally chosen because they occupy very little space, they open vertically upwards and silently slide along the ceiling inside the building. Thanks to this movement they save internal as well as external space. With the installation of these systems, insulation of the building improves dramatically as the panels are built with special profiles and glass panels, assuring an excellent thermal-K.


Made in Italy technical details for glass sectional doors

The door structure consists of crossbars and supports made from painted aluminium in white RAL 9010 with large windows fitted with double glazing. At the bottom, the structure has a 40mm thick insulated panel, steel side carriages and guides, the side gaskets are made from EPDM. Thanks to the large windows and the transparency of the glass, high levels of brilliance are guaranteed together with an excellent level of safety and resistance to wind and rain, providing the closing system with a modern and exclusive design and total vision of the areas on display.

The panels are fitted with a special exclusive KOPRON profile called “SAFELINE” to guarantee maximum safety in terms of accident prevention. A safety device (parachute) prevents closure of the structure even in the case of accidental breakage of the hoisting cables or of the balancing springs.

The automation system, manufactured by primary companies in this field, guarantees easy and highly performing operation and there are many accessories that can be integrated for the opening systems. The result is well and truly a mobile window that expresses the modern nature of its architecture and adapts perfectly to shops, showrooms and all activities that require total vision of their exhibition spaces.

The Kopron sectional doors combine the safety of the CE brand according to the EN 13241-1 Product Norm and comply with all accident prevention norms related to public spaces and work environments.

Thanks to a team of architects and industrial designers and with the contribution of production professionals, the range of Kopron Sectional Doors, manufactured entirely in our Italian plants, adapt perfectly in any architectural context. Personalisation is the main characteristic of these doors, that can be adapted completely to personal tastes and requirements for long-term elegance.

portne sezionale vetro

The Liberty City Park of Naples

Liberty City Fun is a leading company in the field of fun for families, on the market since 1998. For more than twenty years they have focused their attention on guaranteeing experience in fun to satisfy the requirements of parents and children, assuring customers a healthy, fun and safe environment.

The new exhibition window will help to attract tourists and visitors to the park, creating an attractive environment with a view to moments of joy and fun.

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