High speed doors beyond all measures for Gieminox in Vicenza, Italy

Published on 23 April 2021
Modified on 28 March 2023
porta rapida giant pack kopron per gieminox

Since 1980 Gieminox is an Italian production reality very much appreciated in the field of welded tubes, cladded tubes and connections and auxiliary elements made from stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloys, duplex and super duplex. Kopron was in charge of the design, production and installation of a very large folding and high speed opening door, model “GIANTPACK SMART”.

Giantpack has been designed and developed to open and close large areas, areas used for frequent logistic movements. Without any dimensional restrictions, this product guarantees duration, energy saving and very little maintenance intervention. Giantpack is made-to-measure for the area of installation involved so as to guarantee the correct level of wind resistance.

The structure consists of a sturdy and tear-proof dual PVC element panel, PANAMA, treated on both sides with a Class 2 fire retardant treatment. As far as Gieminox is concerned, the dimensions are very large with a width of 13.5 metres and a height of 5.5 metres, the opening speed is up to 0.4 m/sec. There are 30 portholes of 850x300mm in the door in order to favour visibility and light. In order to guarantee fast opening, two motors have been fitted with a safety contact edge that eliminates the risk of crushing and cutting. A pair of photocells identifies and/or measures the distance, absence or presence of an object using an optical infrared source. The internal circuit board with an additional external keyboard controls the doors.

“Enrico Bambace, Manager of the Production Plant specialised in doors and industrial doors states: “This is a reliable and functional closing system ideal to close large external areas subject to frequent movements. Installation is very fast and no masonry work is necessary”. 

Porte rapide su misura made in Italy

Kopron is a leader in the field of industrial doors, with a specific production plant of 20,000 square metres located in Molfetta (BA) and an advanced production development department. Over the years the company has developed and currently offers a wide range of doors and industrial doors: high speed doors with panels, industrial doors with a rigid structure, sectional doors, folding and sliding doors as well as fire retardant doors. The specific technical department provides efficient solutions and satisfies the requirements of its customers, creating “made-to-measure” doors.

The result of company investments in terms of research and development in this field is the very large door called “GIANTPACK”. The ideal solution to close large spaces, used in warehouses for various outdoor activities such as: airports, hangars, ship industries, mining industrials and heavy carpentry work as well as warehouses for agricultural machinery.

Technical features of the “GIANTPACK SMART” high speed doors for external applications

  • Opening/closing speed: 0,4 mt/sec.
  • Control panel: programmable electronic technology
  • Power: 400 volts
  • Safety contact edge compliant with the norm EN 12978
  • EN 12604 opening and closing cycles: Tested up to 1,000,000 cycles
  • A sturdy and tear-proof dual PVC element panel, PANAMA, treated on both sides with a Class 2 fire retardant treatment. Total weight 900 gr/m2
  • Special cluster collection
  • Working temperature: min -30° C, max +70° C
  • Resistance to traction: 3,800 N/5 cm2
  • Dimensions available: made-to-measure, without any dimensional limits
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