6 reasons why you should choose the Kopron prefabricated warehouses

Published on 20 January 2021
Modified on 28 March 2023
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An interview with Architect Giovanna Comi, Technical Manager of the Division

The Kopron prefabricated warehouses are the ideal solution in large or small environments that need to be covered with extreme rapidity and with the highest possible level of thermal and acoustic insulation. The choice of using steel as the structural material is born from the important advantages and benefits that this material offers: excellent static performance levels, rapid assembly, limited weights and dimensions as well as minimum construction work required.

The Kopron prefabricated warehouses are modular and serial and can be personalised according to customer requirements with a wide range of options to choose from. There are many panel types available together with windows and doors.

Architect Giovanna Comi, Technical Manager of the division explains in just 6 points why and when to choose this technology, consolidated for years.


1- Fast production and installation


Do you need to build a new space in a short amount of time? New offices, production areas, storage areas, canteens or other areas can be built in a very short amount of time. Just a couple of weeks are necessary from when the idea is born to production and just 15 days are necessary to produce everything according to dimensions and extras. In just one month a new production area of 1,000 square metres can be created, this is impossible in other construction methods.

The steps that lead to the creation of the new warehouse are extremely simple. Concrete is normally poured first of all and, according to the use that the warehouse will have, it may be covered with different kinds of flooring. Lighting and heating are designed during the development phase and are assembled at the end of construction. Installation is very fast, the steel structure is assembled and then the cover panels are assembled on site using a certified interlocking mechanism. Sheet metal bending, drains and accessories are the last pieces of the puzzle. Finally the internal walls are created or internal fittings can be installed.


2- Time and development cost savings


How much time is wasted on a concrete project? A lot, too much. It requires huge efforts during the engineering and development phase. Every project is individual and there are many workers involved, not forgetting the bureaucracy involved in traditional building. Furthermore, this is a service that is quantified and therefore has a huge affect on the final sales price.

Kopron is characterised by its standard yet customised products, where times and development costs never affect the final price.


3- Maximum thermal and acoustic insulation


The walls and roofs are made from sandwich panels consisting of two external galvanised steel supports and one internal layer (whose thickness is defined according to the level of insulation desired) of expanded polyurethane foam. These panels represent the best possible guarantee of insulation with very low thermal transmittance values. A wide variety of windows with a thermal break profile are available.

In order to reach the same performance level in traditional constructions, costs and execution times increase dramatically.

It is important to highlight the fact that thermal insulation contains CFC and HCFC free polyurethane elements that produce insulating hygroscopic and anti-mould foam with a high content of closed cells >95% and with a high level of adhesion to the supports.

E’ importante sottolineare che l’isolamento termico è con formulazioni poliuretaniche esenti da CFC e HCFC che producono schiume isolanti anigroscopiche, antimuffa e ad alto contenuto di celle chiuse > 95% con altissima aderenza ai supporti.


4- Loads for permanent and long-term structures


The Kopron prefabricated warehouses are designed with project loads according to the exact location of the installation. The company does not have any stock, but products are made according to the specific location. This is done to guarantee maximum safety and resistance to the project loads. A choice that makes Kopron warehouses the perfect solution for permanent and long-term structures. The structures are extremely sturdy but flexible at the same time. The weight of snow, wind force and earthquakes are calculated according to the exact location in compliance with the Min. Dec. 17/01/2018.

The quality of the materials is vital to guarantee structural duration. The structure is made from galvanised steel for long-term duration and resistance to atmospheric agents. The panels chosen are made by the very best companies on the Italian market, Marcegaglia panels are normally used.


5- Affordable price


Prices of the Kopron prefabricated warehouses vary according to dimensions, options and the finishes chosen by the Customer. In general, this type of construction decision is always affordable compared with the performance levels achieved, structural solidity, duration and insulation.

Here below we analyse the maximum* costs of a warehouse of approximately 500 sq. m. and 5 metres in height developed using different construction methods.



Steel prefabricated warehouse consisting of: a steel supporting structure, sandwich panels, gutters, drainpipes, tinworks, front door and windows 180,00 € – 280,00 €/sq.m
Mobile warehouse with PVC covers consisting of: a steel supporting structure, a PVC panel cover, pedestrian door, rapid or sliding door 110,00 € – 170,00 €/sq.m
Prefabricated warehouse made from reinforced concrete consisting of: concrete modules with low thermal cutting, drainpipes, gutters and tinworks, windows and door 200,00 € – 300,00 €/sq.m
Warehouse in masonry consisting of: a concrete module with thermal cutting, drainpipes, gutters and tinworks, windows and door 220,00 € – 350,00 €/sq.m

*The prices indicated are purely approximate It is important to know that the larger the surface area, the lower the cost per square metre.


6- Repositioning and recycling of materials


The real advantage in economic terms and also for the environment, is the possibility of repositioning the prefabricated structure. A Kopron warehouse is a strategic asset for every business whose objective is to grow fast, in total safety but also with flexibility. The Kopron prefabricated warehouses represent a real value, they have a market even after use, they can be sold and installed in other environments.

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